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So today we talk about Epic Ships in X-wing! So thematically these ships are fun to play with. As for Epic play, they can really change the way you look at and think about X-wing. This is especially  true when compared to the normal 100 points 6 asteroids format. So lets take a quick look at the ships and then go over a battle report and show one off.



Rebel Transport – GR-65: With no primary weapons the GR-65 is a true support ship. It does not have “Hardpoints” to equip weapons. It’s biggest assets are it’s Jam Action and some of it’s cargo. Including an upgrade that says once a ship is stressed is similar to Splicer Tools without removing the stress.

CR-90 Corvette aka Tantive IV: at 90 Points it’s basically going to be a 3rd of your list. It’s ability to hold upgrades and overall defensive abilities can make it appealing. It does have a drawback in that it doesn’t have a forward facing arc so unless it is ramming a ship it’s blind to ships right in front of it when dealing with fire.


Gonzati Class Cruiser: The beautiful ship that carries your TIES into battle. Similar to the GR-65 points wise it can equip a weapon. However with just one forward arc and PS of 2 the output may not be appealing. With upgrades it can act like a GR-65 with its own Jam action. Needless to say the ability to Launch TIES after normal ships from a position outside your starting zone is what makes it so appealing.

Imperial Raider: 100 points out of the box and no upgrades. Start adding upgrades and you can quickly get up to 150 points if you are not careful so half your list in one spot. It makes up for this though with sheer firepower. Up to 5 attacks a round, though they are unmodified normally. The other issue is unless you equip weapons that can deal with it the Raider has a natural R1 bubble that it cannot shoot into. So your fleet has to cover it close while it works hard on the outside bubbles.


C-Roc Cruiser: In the same category as the Gr-65 and Gonzati size wise. The C-Roc is typical scum it’s titles helping define it’s role. Coming in at a base of 35 points it leaves lots of room for Bounty Hunters or other Scum Fighters to fill in. Toss on Jabba the Hutt and enjoy even more fun with even more uses of your illicit upgrades.


Battle Report:

So it was a Raider vs the GR-65 today.  My opponent brought 11 fighters and his Gr-65. Which felt appropriate given we were using the Hoth map and an open starfield.  I countered with my Raider, Capt. Jonus, Quickdraw, Maarek Stele (Defender), Epsilon Ace and 3 Epsilon Squadron Pilots.

Prepared for an Epic Battle at Hoth.

The interesting thing about the Raider is with a Range 4 weapon it can fire in the first round of moving if an opponent comes up far enough. In the Second Round is when the Raider really goes to work. Destroying 3 Ships and damaging several others by itself allowing the Swarm to do it’s thing. Using “Ordnance Tubes” to launch a pair of Harpoon Missiles along with a Cluster Missile, along with its own primary weapon, the output it was getting was well worth the 137 points put into it.

End of Round 2 and Already the Rebels are down 1/4 of their Fleet.


In for the Kill

The GR-65 blocked the Raider to prevent it’s own destruction and actually getting a damage to the hull of the beast. The block as the added benefit of protecting a T-70 from being run over and destroyed without an attack. The bad part was the Raider could still shoot at the T-70 with Harpoons and it did. Dealing 10 damage to various ships in the area as the Harpoons went off. My opponent Conceded left with Just 2 A-wings, 2 T-70s that were down to 1 hull each, a Y-wing down to one 1 hull and the GR-65 down to 3 hull.

With the Rebels in Trouble they have hard decisions to make.

The Gr-65 Blocked but it was not enough to save the Fleet overall. Game Over.


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  1. James says:

    Correction: The CR-90 has a Turret Primary weapon, so it CAN indeed shoot forwards.

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