Warmachine MK3 and You

Micah Walker

Wargamer, miniature painter, and now blogger for Midwest Wargaming. I love crunching numbers, and I can nearly guarantee that my articles will be the most boring, but you will learn something, damn it!

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  1. LegoMech says:

    This is a great review of the current state of the game. I have been playing since day one (seriously, 2003, pre-ordering box sets) and I think the rules and balance are the tightest they’ve ever been. That said, I am a casual gamer and only play a couple times a year now when my old crew can get back together and dust off our models (plus maybe a couple new ones we’ve picked up since the previous games). Despite the core rules being solid, the CID and Dynamic updates are a real pain for me.

    It is very frustrating to have to reprint my cards every time we get together for a game, especially for minor changes like +/- 1 cost or Pow to cards that seemed perfectly fine when we last played. I know some people will push WarRoom as a solution, but we paid for an account for WarRoom 1 and that app was super buggy and crashed on us all the time. When WarRoom 2 came out I couldn’t even run it without it crashing. I hear they improved it but it doesn’t make financial sense to risk it for how often we play, plus I prefer the tactile feel of using the cards anyway.

    Regarding alternatives, I actually was super interested in Guild Ball initially but then sometime between Seasons Two and Three it blew out of control with too many updates, special releases, limited releases, confusing rule changes, etc. Ironically, I later learned that former Privateer Press staffer D.C. joined the Guild Ball crew around the time they started making all the changes I hated.

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention Company of Iron. I personally am super excited to be able to use my Warmachine and Hordes figures casually in smaller skirmish games, which may be a more accessible way for players to get into the game without needing to know a thousand different unit cards.

    Anyway, I really enjoyed reading your view of the game!

    • Micah Walker says:

      I’ve been thankful that the pace of updates and releases has slowed a bit recently. There have been two factors influencing that: the release of MonPoc2 and production issues. While no one likes having to wait to get their new models, the delays have let the community breathe a little. Right now it feels more stable and easier to understand. Hopefully it lasts, but for now, I’ll take it.

      I kind of go back and forth between cards and the app. I know lots of folks have had issues with the app. I haven’t had many. I’ve actually gone back to cards for a bit because in some ways they are more time efficient. List that use a lot of healing, especially mass healing, are awkward to handle in war room and can take a lot of time. I’ve gotten used to printing cards, but I print them in black and white at the lowest quality. Printer ink is expensive.

      I didn’t mention Company of Iron because no one plays it around here. We have a strong Guild Ball presence as well as Necromunda and now Kill Team. Shadespire also was a thing for a while. I’ve never played CoI because of that, but I do have the cards and stuff.

      Thanks for your reply. I haven’t been able to write much lately, but I always have time to respond to people.

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