Warhammer 40k: Eldar vs Dark Eldar 1,000 points

Hey all, this is Buck (however I go by Alpharion on the boards). Yesterday I was able to get a low points game in with a buddy of mine. This was initially planned on being a 2v2 2,000 points to a side match, however one player could not make it to the game. Despite the mild setback we decided to continue with just two players.

I recently started up a new Eldar army after years of playing Tyranids. This was only my second game with this list and these models. So mistakes were made, but you can’t get better if you don’t throw the dice from time to time. Anyways on to the lists.

Pic 1

Alpharion’s 1,000 point Craftworld List

HQ: Autarch Skyrunner (Twin-linked shuriken catapult, Shuriken pistol, Banshee mask)

The Banshee mask is almost an auto include for me on the Autarch as it denies overwatch against him and his unit. Now I know Eldar are not the best in close combat, but should I ever need to charge something with him I at least won’t be shot during the charge. And at 5 points it is very cheap.

Troops: 3 Windrider Guardians units (3 man squads each with scatter lasers)

Elites: Wraithguard with D-scythe, Wave Serpent (Twin-linked scatter laser turret, Twin-linked shuriken catapult)

Normally I would not take this unit in a 1,00 point game, but I was expecting to be playing against at least 1 person with Adeptus Mechanicus, and there is nothing better than wiping out a squad of robots in one round of shooting. But in this game they ended up not making their points back, and died horribly.

Fast Attack: Hornet Squadron (3 models each with 2 pulse lasers)

Fast, light, and deadly. Everything the Eldar are meant to be.


Shane’s 1,000 point list

HQ: Succubus (Archite glaive, Agoniser)

Troops: 3 Wych squads (Splinter pistol, Close combat weapon), 3 Raiders (Disintegrator cannon)

Elites: 2 Bloodbride squads (Splinter pistol, Close combat weapon), 2 Raiders (Dark lance)


Maelstrom of War Mission: The Spoils of war

This mission uses the Dawn of War deployment. Three tactical objectives are generated by each side. This mission has the “Steal the Loot” special rule which bascially states that if one of either players generates an objective that states “Secure Objective X” that either player may score that tactical objective on their turn. Additionally you are not allowed to discard a card that says “Secure Objective X”.

Objective markers were placed and Shane won the roll to go first and to deploy first. I attempted to seize the initiative (a d6 roll of 6 allows you to seize), and rolled a 1.

Pic 2

Turn 1: 

This turned out to be the turn of the game. I generated a TO (Tactical Objective) that read “Secure Objective 4″ and one that required me to roll a D6 and as long as there were no enemies within 12” of that TO then I scored 1 VP (Victory Point). I rolled a 4. I potentially had the opportunity to gain 2 VPs as I had deployed a unit on Objective 4. Turns out Shane also had a TO for Objective 4. With the “Steal the Loot” special mission I now had three Objectives on the line.

Pic 3

A raider loaded with 10 Wyches moved up towards Objective 4, the Wyches made their 6″ disembark move, putting them well within range of shooting.  During their shooting phase they were able to completely wipe out my Windrider squad sitting on the objective granting him 1 VP for “First Blood”.

Across the board he moved two of his raiders up into firing range of my Autarchs unit and was able to remove one of the Windriders.

On my turn I moved my Wave serpent up and disembarked the Wraithguard with D-Scythes and destroyed the unit of Wyches who just took out the Windrider squadron. Not the ideal target for this unit, but because of my TO I needed to wipe that unit out to secure a VP.

Now here is where I made a critical error. I shot with a unit of Windriders that was closest to Objective 4, effectively making Objective 4 out of reach because I forfeited their turbo boost move by shooting. Luckily enough for me I had an opportunity to still claim that Objective with their assault move which is 2D6. I needed to roll a 9 to be within 3″ to claim Objective 4, I rolled a 7.

My Autarch and his unit moved 12 inches to claim Objective 5. This put them in 4+ cover, negating my need to use a jink save if it came down to it. They were then able to strip a HP off the raider that would soon be contesting Objective 5.

VPs per side: Alpharion 2 – Shane 1


Turn 2:

Shane boosted his empty raider to claim Objective 4. Granting him 2 VPs (one of my cards, one of his).

He then moved up two of his raiders, one carrying the Succubus and her unit, the other a unit of Bloodbrides. The Bloodbride Raider shot at the Wave Serpent causing a single HP (hull point) in damage. The other raider shot at the Wraithguard and failed to cause any wounds. He assaulted the Wraithguard with the Bloodbrides first to eat up the overwatch, then charged in with his Succubus. The Wraithguard suffered one wound and were able to take out one Wych in return.

The Raider carrying his other unit of Bloodbrides focused in on my Autarch, as he also generated control Objective 5 for this turn. And since my unit had objective secured, he had to completely destroy the unit. Firing all of his Wyches and Dark Lance into the unit resulted in 5 wounds with the splinter pistols, and 1 with the Dark Lance. Another mistake was made here. I decided to “Look out Sir!” my Autarch. This lead to the remaining two Windriders to be removed from the game. Had I taken those wounds on the Autarch he likely would have survived as he has 3 wounds total. But I did not and was left with only the Autarch left to take the S8 AP2 Dark Lance wound. Since this weapon has a strength profile that is double the toughness of the target model (Autarch is S4 on the jetbike) any unsaved wound from that weapon is enough to kill him. And that is exactly what happened. Score 2 VPs for Shane (Slay the Warlord, Secure Objective 5). Now had I been smart about this I would have hopefully been able to deny him Objective 5 since my Windriders have Objective Secured, and his Bloodbrides do not. This also had the unfortunate consequence of me losing the Autarch’s “The Path of Command” ability, which would have allowed me to +1 or -1 any of my reserve rolls.

Things are not looking too good for the Eldar. I roll to see if my Hornet Squadron comes in from reserve. A roll of 3 or higher is needed. I rolled a 2. Really wish I had that Autarch still. I do manage to take out one of his Raiders with the last unit of Windriders, however the Wave Serpent was combat ineffective and did nothing but look pretty. The Wraithguard dealt one wound to their foes in close combat and took one wound themselves, both losing a model.

VPs per side: Alpharion 2 – Shane 5

Turn 3:

Shane managed to kill the last unit of Windriders with one volley from a Disintegrator Cannon and a little luck from my terrible rolling (I mean really, three 1’s!). This left the Wave Serpent open to more shooting from Dark lances and the remaining Disentegrator Cannon. I failed the 4+ jink save, and failed to downgrade the pinning result to a glance with the Serpent Shield (which only need a 2+ to do so), and became immobilized. The Raider and Bloodbrides who just executed my Autarch, now set their murderous eyes on my Wraithguard. They disembarked and charged into their back, gaining the benefit from charging and having a close combat weapon as well as a pistol, giving them an astounding amount of dice to roll for their attacks. They were only able to cause 3 wounds, which I thought my Wraithguard could surely handle with their 3+ save. I stared in disbelief at the result, two 1’s and one 2. The Bloodbrides were able to end the stalemate in a most decisive manner.

At this point the game was lost to me. I had one unit of Hornets yet to make the field, and an immobilized Wave Serpent. As always I shook my opponents hand and began working out just what went wrong.

Definitely not how I would have liked that game to have gone, but that lies solely on me. The bad rolls didn’t help, but my poor tactical decisions are what ultimately doomed me.


Hey all, Alpharion here. I picked up wargaming back in veterinary school as a way to relax and forget the stresses that comes with being a veterinary student. Since then I've enjoyed sharing my enthusiasm for this hobby with anyone who cares to listen. I look forward to sharing any, and everything, GW with you all!

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