Warcolours pigment wash

I think its safe to say every miniature painter is familiar with washes. Washes are one of the first techniques a hobbyist learns when painting miniatures because it is quick and easy. Washes fill in the crevices and textures on a model and create contrast by darkening in those recesses. Today, I want to share with you a different type of wash, pigment washing.

These are from http://www.warcolours.com

Pigments are very common for historical miniature hobbyists because they crave realism with their work and pigments, unlike washes, provide texture in addition to contrast. Here’s some examples of me applying a pigment wash with each of these colors.


A little water goes a long way with pigment washes. Try to make a consistency of mud and just lather it on.

Unlike a normal wash, like GW’s Nuln Oil, which dries glossy. Pigment washes will dry with a matte finish and provide a grainy texture after it dries which adds a neat effect.

Each color pigment creates a different effect.

The brown and red create a nice rusty robot effect and the sand pigment reminds me of a robot that has been abandoned in a desert. The yellow pigment is my least favorite, it looks too similar to the sand pigment. However, I could see myself mixing it with other pigments to create new effects.


Final thoughts


The cost for these pigments was 11.95€ + 3.95€ for shipping. In US terms, that was about $17.80.  That makes each pot of pigment roughly $3.5 which is the same amount I currently pay at my LGS for a pot of P3 or Citadel paint which is more than reasonable considering it is being shipped from across the Atlantic!


What I’ve showed you so far is just basic washing. But, I already have washes, so, is the final effect of this different enough from a normal wash that it is worth having in your arsenal of paint-techniques? Yes.


Besides making robots look rusty, what else can it be used for?

  • Terrain
  • Bases
  • Weapons
  • Armor
  • Gun-powder blasts

In short, go buy some pots of this stuff. It’s neat, its cheap and I’m sure there’s plenty of other ways it can be used besides the ones I’ve mentioned above.



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