Using a nail polish rack for vallejo bottles and metallic bits

I have been using nail polish racks to sort my paints for a while. I use mostly three brands of paint: Vallejo, scale75 and Privateer Press (P3). My OCD has forced me to actually move all the P3 paints onto Vallejo bottles:

small_standThat’s how my smaller rack, with all the P3 paints, looks.

However, this post is not about that, this post is about how to enhance those racks to do even more! (maniacal laugh on the background).

I have been having problems with my drill bits because I keep losing them. So I decided to buy magnetic tape and add it to my paint rack. Now I can keep all those pesky bits and even xacto blades:

standPaint rack with the magnetic tape holding drill bits and xacto blades.

What other DIY projects have you guys used to improve your painting desk?

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  1. Alpharion says:

    I’ve thought about using a nail polish rack in the past, but found them to all be a little to narrow for GW paint pots. But since I’ve made the leap to airbrushing I am slowly starting to phase out my massive collection of GW paints in favor for the much easier to use Vallejo line. Might have to give this a try again.

    As far as my painting station goes, its an absolute warzone. I’d be embarrassed to post pictures, haha.

  2. David Landry says:

    This is a brilliant idea… had never even thought of using nail polish racks… as for transferring p3 to dropper bottle – wherr did you find them? So far everything I purchased is so flimsy I wss afraid to use them in fear of them leaking or drying out

  3. midwestwargaming says:

    Bought my plastic mountable wall rack today. Timeless article

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