Thoughts on the New X-wing 2.0

So unless you haven’t been paying attention to X-wing, or Fantasy Flight games you have probably heard that X-wing is revamping. X-wing 2.0 is going to be different from it’s original namesake while retaining the core idea of the game itself. I’m going to share some of my own thoughts having had a chance to get over initial reactions and seen the ships and how they have been reworked in this new version of the game.

It’s Outta There!

Perhaps the easiest thing to look at is what is missing from 2.0. Epic Pilot Talents such as Veteran Instincts, Adaptability, and Push the Limit are gone. Pilots with high Pilot Skills will now have to not worry about not being top dogs and mid level pilot skills will now have to work a bit harder. Efficient action economy is also a thing of the past. Twin-Laser Turret (TLT) is gone. TLT was a mechanic that shouldn’t have happened and it’s going away. Action Bombs are gone as well. They may get a face lift but the actual use of an Action to drop a bomb post maneuvering is certainly gone.

Boba Fett and all the other Firespray Pilots have left the Empire. Captain Nym decided the Rebels were not for him and went strictly with the Scum and Villainy group.  The monster that was the Auzituk Gunship and it’s Reinforce action also got corrected. Reinforce reduces damage by 1 to a minimum of 1. So swarms can now take them on and do real damage.


So lets start here with what is changing from the original version. Pilot Skill is replaced by Initiate value, and compressed to 1-6 vs 1-9. All of the ships are changed in some way except for the original TIE Fighter. So the baseline was kept everything else was given a facelift. Lets be honest it was needed especially for older ships. Ordnance in all forms were reworked as well. Primary Weapon Turrets (PWT) also gone and not likely to ever come back. All ships will now have bulls eye arcs. New Mechanics are being added for things such as the Force. Lastly upgrades and point cost will be controlled and handled via a new Mobile App.

SHIP Changes

Ships at their core were basically revamped. Some were given new or upgraded maneuver dials . More importantly many of them have their own built in skills to separate them from other ships. Generic ships fit into ranges up to Initiative 1-4. Aces still have their own skills though many have changed as have the mechanics. Actions, are limited though they can link to another action at the cost of a stress.  All of this together makes the game a bit more well rounded from the initial look of things.

Changes to Ordnance is also interesting. They now use “Charges”. This means a few interesting things. Torpedo and Missile upgrades can now be used more than once. It may also mean that you can choose to use charges for different effects such as Cluster Missiles. Torpedoes and Missiles are also toned down to 3 Dice in most cases. Bombs move to their own phase and many do different effects such as Seismic bombs. This means Ordnance is going to be an option without being the overpowered mess it currently exist as in 1.0.

Ships that had Primary Weapon turrets have changed drastically. They get some form of the mobile arc that the Shadowcaster current has. Some can cover 180 Degrees while others are down to a single 90 Degree turrets. This ships with the 180 Degree coverage is limited to either East/West or North/South facings meaning there will always have blind spots. It also takes an action to move the turret so having modified shots is going to be more difficult without setting it up properly. This means Turrets can be strong but now come with Risk versus reward aspects. Also means that they are no longer mindless putt around the map without concern options.

New Game Mechanics

I touched briefly on one of the many new mechanics that have been released by Fantasy Flight Games. Charges, not just limited to Ordnance. Some ships carry charges as well, this allows them to activate their pilot skills. Upgrades such as R2-D2 also get charges so he is limited to the number of times he gets to recharge your shields. In some cases charges can be recovered at a rate of 1 per round, so we will have to see how they use this going forward.

The Force, another new mechanic they discuss. Force can be used for a variety of effects or a soft focus. We know that there will be force specific Upgrades including unique Light Side and Dark Side. Force Sensitives will use those abilities instead of the standard epic pilot talents. This powerful set of abilities has also been stated to have a hefty cost attached to it.

Actions have changed as well. It’s been hinted but could always change that once an action is declared that’s it. Either you can do your action or you cannot. Gone is measuring for Target lock only to take a focus or some other action. Target locks also seem to have a fundamental change. The actual rules will have the final say there.

Mobile App and other notes

Talk about a sore spot for many. X-wing 2.0 is going to have it’s own list building app and none of the cards have upgrades or points cost printed on them. This is more a plus than a negative. Warmachine/Hordes does this for ease of errata. It works, really it does, it also gives the developers the ability to adjust upgrades and pilots on a case by case basis to help keep different ships viable options in the game. It also means everyone is getting their information from the same source so there are not errors.

Points are increasing overall for everything. List are now 200 points vs 100 points. Though ships will also increase in cost substantially. This means little in how the game will look on the table. It does mean that some ships that might have been too costly as a generic, like E-wings, might be a bit more flexible to get into.

Conversion kits are to be offered as well to bring all the 1.0 items into 2.0. Upon review in the unboxing preview, this is worth the investment if you have most of the ships for a specific faction. Medium Bases are also introduced making fewer large based ships while some of the small base ships that were almost too big now have a home.

On the surface a lot of what looks to be 2.0 are shifts in the right direction. We will continue to have to watch for previews and releasing information to be sure. I personally am excited for it. It should help reduce the idea of poor play experiences or match ups that from the outset have a list losing just because of what is on the other side of the table.



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