Tectonic Craft Studios, Guildball terrain review

If you’ve ever gone to a wargaming convention in the Midwest, than chances are that you’ve seen a table full of MDF accessories and a man with stylish hair. Tectonic Craft Studios is the terrain company and the man with stylish hair is Archy Dan. I don’t have Dan’s travel log but he’s basically the Carmen Sandiego of vendors; some of the places you’ll find him are: Adepticon, Warmachine Weekend, PAX East and Nova Open. Apparently, no convention is too small for TectonicCraftStudios though because I actually saw him at MuseOnCon in Des Moines, IA and that convention was only rocking about 200 people.

MDF base inserts

Archy Dan is on the right

Now, even though I’ve seen this booth before, I’ve never actually gone up and looked closely at the product. I don’t peruse booths very much because I feel awkward when someone tries to sell me something that I don’t want. And I probably wouldn’t have even gone to his booth but I had just finished a horrific defeat in the Guild Ball Regional qualifier and I desperately needed some shopping therapy to boost my spirits.

I didn’t really intend on buying anything but I’m a sucker for that burnt-wood-aroma so I just grabbed and smelled everything I could get my hands on. I know his base-inserts and tournament trays are really popular (I lost count of all the people I saw with his tournament trays) but they weren’t my jam; I wanted 3-D terrain. As clean as 2-D terrain is, I’m sick of it. It’s boring. And honestly, MDF terrain scratches that itch I crave for 3D aesthetics but also has the benefit of being very flat and easy to put models on; it’s like the best of both worlds. The booth had tons of packets of flat terrain and many examples of the fully constructed 3-D terrain.

Some sick ruins

A simple but very elaborate house








Like a kid in a candy store I touched everything he had for sale. I was so enamored with his details (and reasonable prices) that when Dan finally started to talk to me I resisted the urge to run away and instead bought some a set of Guild Ball terrain for only $35.

Here’s what my terrain looked like after assembly. And then again after painted.

30 minutes to assemble

30 minutes to paint

Here’s some more pictures!

Finally, here’s my review..

  • This took me only 30 minutes to assemble.
  • And it took me only 30 minutes to paint
  • This cost me only $35…
  • Go look at the pictures again
  • Now go buy a set.

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