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Lecture Notes from the Breach, Episode 8: The Salt Corner

Flynnt gets advice on his Black Friday order, Derek buys the rest of Neverborn, and we talk about playing Malifaux with more than two players! Welcome to the Family, a Malifaux Tournament hosted by...


Lecture Notes from the Breach: Episode 7

Derek plays Rapid Growth against Brewmaster, Flynnt plays Rasputina against Ten Thunders, and we talk about how Neverborn play with Extraction / Turf War. Interested in an ad spot or a shout out? Have...


Lecture Notes from the Breach, Episode 4: Sorrow Sniffles

First, we apologize for Joseph’s sniffling throughout the entire episode. He got too close to an actual person outside and caught everything. We talk with Flynnt about a game he had with Rasputina against...