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Season 4 Ratcatchers review

The Season 4 Ratcatchers are here and I can’t be more excited! In this article I will go over the differences with you, share my opinions with you, talk about my experience with the...


Have You Heard of Our Lord, Solthecius?

The Supreme Order of Solthecius? Pfft, those lads have some gall floating around a lofty name like that. To watch them strust around the pitch with all their airs, I think they believe it...


The Pitch, Ep.20

Another guestisode, this time Lance and I bring on Pat Van Value from Strictly the Worst Guild Ball podcast to talk a little more about his December GB Brewery tournament, Second Wind We also cover...


The Pitch, Ep.19

In this special Guest-isode, Dan & Lance bring on Michael Klein, cohost of Anatomical Precision and we talk about all the Season 4 models previewed to date: Plowman, Anvil + Sledge, Granite, Salvo &...


The Pitch, Ep. 18

In this special episode of The Pitch Lance reviews all 6 of the Navigators and then at the 56:00 mark, Dan unveils his tempo theory and reveals a new way to play the Blacksmiths competitively.


Southeastern Team Championship

I know I know.. the blog is called Midwestwargaming not Southeasternwargaming, but I can’t help myself about being excited about this upcoming Guild Ball tournament! For starters, team tournaments are an amazing format that...