Tactics: Toppling a Giant (T.A.G.)

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Angel Giraldez and his fine work! Why not just combine some cheesecake with a T.A.G.? If that doesn’t get people’s attention, what will?

As anyone who’s even remotely interest in Infinity, you’ve definitely seen or gawked at a T.A.G. before. The mere shock of a giant block of pewter with it’s incredible stats, high point costs, awesome weapons, and beautiful details has more than likely called to you at least once (maybe that’s why you were lured to this article?). In many cases, they stand twice, almost three times, as tall as your regular troops and they are quite literally giants on the fields of Infinity and their potential for destruction is quite similar.

New players and veterans alike will reminisce on their first encounters against or using T.A.G.s and they laugh off the either horrible or gleeful experience they had. T.A.G.s are definitely a new beast entirely and can be be really hard for new players to tackle in what can be an already hard to tackle game. Next time you run up against one of these buggers, try to remember these 5 Axioms:


1) Stack the Deck in your Favor

Whatever it takes to get this accomplished, stack the ‘deck’. Get as many modifiers you can and go to town on blowing that rascal up! Use camo, holo-projectors, ODD, link teams, AP/K1/EXP/Monofilament/E/M/Adhesive ammos, whatever it takes.


My favorite unit to stack the mods in my favor against a T.A.G. is the humble Tankhunter with an AP HMG, cover, camo, surprise shot, burst four, AP rounds, and with a BS of 12, I’d like to see what your T.A.G. is going to do in the reactive turn against this! All in all, your T.A.G. is suffering -9 to shoot me with one die, while I get four and if you do manage to hit, I still have 6 ARM, thanks to cover. Your T.A.G. is nothing compared to the tanks  and armored vehicles these guys were created to hunt.

Another great example is the Oniwaban. TO camo, Martial Arts Lv. 4, CC of 24, Monofilament blade and Superior Infiltration help deliver this guy to his target and very effectively; however this is primarily a first turn strategy. If you’re forced to go second than don’t use the superior infiltration option (the roll will give the Oniwaban away). Instead infiltrate in Hidden Deployment and wait for the T.A.G. to approach you or wait for your active turn. Then run up to the fool and slice them open! That’s a cute robot you’ve got there, shame it’s dead now after one slash of my monofilament blade.

How about the humble Swiss Guard missile launcher? Keep it in hidden deploy until the enemy’s T.A.G. is either facing away from you (at the start of the turn, this is -extremely- crucial in order to avoid being shot) and shoot them right in the back! Or shoot them on your active turn and watch as their T.A.G. struggles to hit you back with a -12 (TO, cover, surprise shot)!

Ghazi Muttawi’ah are the cheapest and most efficient T.A.G. hunters in the game. 5 points buys you a little trooper whose whole purpose is to run interference on your opponent’s communication devices. Keep this little tool inside a building near the T.A.G. and wait for them to walk past and then hit them with your jammer! Or, flank them and hit them with your E/Marat. There no worse feeling than watching as your mighty T.A.G. is now forced to sit in one spot for the rest of the game or only being able to use one order with it.

2) Direct Confrontation = Dead (for you)

Do NOT, I repeat, DO. NOT. try to fight a T.A.G. directly, unless you are extremely confident that you will win and kill it (for example, if you’re using a heavy T.A.G. and about to engage a light T.A.G., go right on a head, direct confrontation all you want or you’ve definitely stacked the deck in your favor!), because you won’t. More than likely you’ll end up dead instead. Make sure you stack those mods and take on the T.A.G. when and how you want to. This may require to sneak back behind the thing and then shoot it with your monstrous weapons (or a lowly Combirifle). Avoid any direct firefight as much as possible, but then again this won’t always be an option, so just make sure to follow Axiom #1; stack the deck as much as possible before a direct firefight.

3) No Shame in a Backwards Advance

Only cowards retreat, but a smart leader knows when it’s time for a backwards advance; facing T.A.G.s is one of those times. Don’t be afraid to have your troops fall back and hide right before it shifts to your opponent’s turn. There are very few good reactive troops to take a T.A.G. on with, so just hide what you want to protect with the orders you have left. Hide them behind total cover, drop them prone behind whatever, put them back into a marker state, run very very far across the table, whatever it takes to keep your important troops alive.

4) Burn the Fuel, Kill the Engine

Rather than killing the T.A.G. its self, cripple it’s orders instead. Avoid the beast as much as possible and go after the troops feeding it orders (especially the freaking engineer! Nothing breaks ones heart more than to see the T.A.G. they killed get right back up). Send your airborne troops or infiltrators into your opponent’s deployment zone and just start going to town on wiping out the cheap troops. What good is an engine with no fuel? It looks really cool and pretty, that’s it though.

5) Cyberly Wreck what Conventional Weapons Won’t


Sometimes it’s much easier to get a repeater or hacker in range of an enemy T.A.G. from behind a wall then it is to shoot the blimey fool. Some T.A.G.s are much weaker towards hacking than they are to conventional weapons, so use that to your strength! Hide a remote on the other side of a well, out of line of sight, or launch a pitcher (previously called, “Markers”) within 8″ and get to town toppling that giant! Now, this isn’t always an option for some factions and it’s much easier for some to pull off than others (i.e. Nomads and Haqq), so this is why it’s Axiom #5.

Programs like Overlord, Expel, Oblivion, Gotcha!, Basilisk, Carbonite, Total Control, and Stop! will be your friends here. None of these actually deal straight damage though, but let me tell you, once you Isolate a T.A.G. on your opponent’s active turn through a marker, you will never get a greater feeling of satisfaction (besides maybe using an Autocannon).



Now that you have the Five Axioms, let’s focus on some common threats:



The most expensive of T.A.G.s at 137 points (almost half of a 300 point list!), this thing is a monster! This is one of the T.A.G.s that you just want to kill off its order pool and try to avoid it if you can. It’s really expensive, so it’s going to be hard for your opponent to get too many orders in besides this monstrosity, so kill off everything else. Just be careful and don’t let the Avatar get too close or it might start brainwashing your troops who have cubes (sepsitor plus for the win!). To further iterate my point as to why you shouldn’t approach this bugger; it has 9 ARM, 9 BTS, 3 STR, ODD, BS 15, PH 17, and immunity to being possessed. Yeah, just kill the order pool; however, if you’re feeling brave (or sacrificial) it’s not a bad idea to sneak up a really cheap flamethrower unit to burn off that ODD and then use the 5 Axioms to take it down.

P.S. You always know the Avatar is the Lieutenant since that’s the only loadout it has, but it also has Ghost: Mnemonica. This ability effectively allows the status of Lt. and the WIP of the original to travel to any other unit that has a cube. In other words, they will always have a WIP 17 Lt, so don’t bank on putting the enemy into Loss of Lieutenant after you kill this thing.



TO camo mixed with high mobility and a short range package to really wreck your day, this T.A.G. is a monster to deal with your first time. Flamethrowers, sensor, hiding, whatever it takes. Just be careful of getting close to it because it too has its own flamethrowers, but it might be advisable to at least torch it once to burn off that TO camo. Also, once it reveals, get ready to hit it hard, even engage it if you can/need, because if you don’t get rid of it fast enough, it -will- wreck your backfield, no problem. Keep troops as far away as possible to avoid getting swathes of them hit by the flamethrowers (do NOT cluster them up because they -will- be torched alive), hide inside narrow buildings/walkways where it can’t get to you (especially a hacker ready to hack the poo out of this thing). Don’t forget it has a 6 – 6 MOV and Climbing Plus, so it’s not afraid to come after you on top of roofs, which might be the right time to start blasting it. Once you get rid of that nasty TO or have MSV2+, shoot it from afar and you’re golden. It only has 6 ARM and a spitfire, so it’s not that tough of a nut to crack…once it reveals.



TO camo again, but this time packing a MULTI HMG, this bugger really knows how to ruin a birthday party. Not as spooky as the Sphinx since it’s not a close quarters nightmare, but it can still deal out some nice damage from range! Be ready to sensor it and then torch it (or just torch it if it’s already revealed) or use visors to light it up from afar on your turn. Shouldn’t be too hard to get it from there though, since it will be rather weak in the reactive turn without the TO camo anymore.



If tanks grew legs and were almost invincible, they’d be Jotums. 10 ARM, 9 BTS, a MULTI HMG, Heavy Flamethrower and D.E.P. make this T.A.G. a mobile impenetrable fortress! Use whatever you have available to you that reduces ARM and BTS, because otherwise you will almost never crack this nut. If you decided against bringing your anti-T.A.G. weaponry, hacking suites, then kill the order providers and hope for crits.

Maghariba Guard


With a new shiny model and some of the best offensive capabilities in all of Haqqislam, this T.A.G. is definitely not playing around, especially if your opponent took the 360 degree visor version. This thing is a real brute in suppressive fire and up close, so engage it either far away with high burst weapons or hack it from a comfortable distance with markers and repeaters. It’s a monster, but not exactly a tough monster.

Pride of Rodina

Kyle Randolph's the name and Infinity's the game! I've been playing wargames since 2006 and I've been playing Infinity since 2013. I started with Ariadna, only using Kazaks, but now I've expanded my collection to include more than 8 different armies. Find my complete bio in the "About the Authors" section as well as a link to my personal blog, all about Infinity, for a double whammy of awesome!

5 Responses

  1. “The humble Swiss Guard”, haha. More like the proud and vainglorious Swiss Guard!
    A good read, comrade Pride of Rodina. Like big problems in Infinity, stopping TAGs is mostly about stacking good modifiers for you and bad modifiers for you opponent, and applying the right tool if you have it. I’d add that “burn the fuel, kill the engine” can work in a direct attack, too: your Ghazi Jammer or any E/M weapon will handily Isolate a TAG, leaving it as starved for orders in the same way as if you cleaned out there cheerleaders.
    Even then, Infinity is robust enough and the critical hit mechanic is merciless enough to give even a lowly Volunteer a fighting chance in direct confrontation. I’ll never forget the brave little Chaksa Peripheral who knifed an Avatar to death.

    • Pride of Rodina says:

      Well, as the Pride of Rodina, I could say a plethora of other things about the Swiss Guard (not appropriate for a family-suited blog environment), so humble was the most polite thing I could think to say, ha ha!

      True, sometimes it’s a whole lot more effective just to isolate the things and leave them alone.

      Yeah, it’s a blessing and a curse. I love the ability of any troop to kill anything via crits, but I freaking hate being on the recieving end of it! I always think of the time I had two Spetsnaz HMGs go down to a TR bot thanks to crits. I needed 15’s to hit, it needed 2’s and 5’s for the second one. Sometimes it’s worth it to gamble on a crit, as your valiant and heroic Chaksa Peripheral shows!

  2. Josh says:

    Not much you can do about a first turn alpha strike from a Squalos’ heavy grenade launcher. Even with 50/50 odds to hit it’s bound to cause a bit of havoc.

    • Pride of Rodina says:

      Indeed, Squalo grenade spam is something you just have to be prepared for. Not much to do against that, but at least they’re wasting orders on something that has terrible odds of working, especially when you consider you still get to dodge. On the plus side, at least your opponent spent orders on that instead of the mission, so, sure, you might be down a few things, but you’ll still be able to take the objectives easier (since your opponent didn’t spend too many orders on setting up defenses, if all they did was spam ‘nades).

  1. December 22, 2016

    […] previously discussed here, a rampaging TAG can be a significant threat to any Lt., trying to do their job. Use E/Maulers and […]

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