Systema Gaming, GB tournament bundle review

You know how some people can’t stand it when their food touches? I’m exactly like that when it comes to my models and accessories. Every time I see someone with an army of models sliding about an empty shoe box my skin crawls. And the same goes for accessories, ziplock bags are for sandwiches people, not tokens!

I lucked into finding the perfect storage for my Guild Ball models when I was given an ActiveMindsX case at Adepticon but I’ve been struggling to find the right storage for my widgets, tokens and especially my terrain (you can read my terrain review here). Currently, I’ve been stuck using a cheap box I found at Goodwill for my terrain, a backpack with half a dozen plastic containers for my dice and tokens and an empty priority mail envelope to hold my measuring sticks. My stuff may not be touching, but it’s driving me mad that I have to carry two boxes and a backpack to play a game of Guild Ball.

I needed to upgrade my storage solution so I went shopping. I love my magnetic transport case my my models and I’m going to keep using that for my figures so my goal was to find something that can transport my terrain, dice, measuring sticks and tokens in one easy to cary box. If my models are in one hand and everything else is neatly organized in the other hand than I’ll be a happy camper.

Option one, the Battlefoam Guild Ball case.

Price $74.99











Super sexy. Who doesn’t love a slick Battlefoam case? Very durable, this thing can be bounced around without any concern of the actual case being damaged.


It doesn’t fit my needs. I don’t need to transport models, I need to transport terrain. Also, the only place for my measuring sticks would be the pouch in front which is way to big a space for just sticks.



Option two, the Tectonic Craft Studios Ready to Roll Half Rack Tourney Tray Set.

Price $57.95












It is cheaper than the Battlefoam bag and is made by the same guy who made my Guild Ball terrain that I love.


It’s too small to fit my terrain and accessories. Also, as previously mentioned, I’m not a fan of large single compartments. Too messy.



Option three, the Systema Gaming GB Tournament Bundle.

Price $38.19











It is the cheapest option. It neatly organizes my sticks and it has adjustable compartments that will allow me to customize and fit my terrain and accessories. Also, it has magnetic lids so nothing will pop loose.


Uhh, none? This fits my needs perfectly.


My purchase

Obviously I went with the Systema Gaming GB Tournament Bundle. It allows me to carry all my components neatly in one hand and my models in the other. Plus, its adjustable to my needs; if I decide to just leave my terrain at the LGS I could use that extra space to carry accessories for more teams. Honestly, I would have bought this thing if it was the most expensive but it just so happened that it was also the cheapest so that’s a fun positive. Another nice thing was that the assembly was super easy. The product came with a picture assembly guide that made it super easy. Trust me, I suck at puzzles but this assembly took 30 minutes tops. The hardest part was making sure I didn’t screw up the polarity of the magnets and the easy fix for that is just paint one side of all the magnets before you glue them in, that way one of the polarities is always marked and you won’t accidentally glue them in wrong.


Here’s mine a few pictures of the one I purchased to give you a reference other than the fancy stock photo I pulled of their website. I paid an extra $13.90 for the custom red sticks and proxy bases.










And if MDF isn’t your aesthetic, just know that these can be dressed up. Systema Gaming does custom engraving.  Here’s a couple of pictures of a second one I bought for my brother with a custom engraving. I stained and painted the engraving which makes this accessory really stand out.










So, if you wondering what to tell your family to get you for Christmas, or maybe you just want to treat yourself, go check out Systema Gaming. They make a whole bunch of Infinity terrain, gaming trays for other systems and plenty of widgets.

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