Steamcon USA LCQ- Recap with Brewers


This model is reason alone to play Brewers.

Well it’s been sometime since our last Explosive Brew, which I blame on SFG for constantly evolving the game of Guildball. It has been a few days since Steamcon USA and I’ve been able to collect my thoughts and sobriety and recap my LCQ tournament for you. My 10 for the tournament were: Tapper, Esters, Scum, Spigot1, Friday, Hooper, Pintpot, Lucky, Hemlocke, and finally Stoker. From that list you might notice Mash missing, he is just a brewer I try to do things with that never work out and it leads to a lot of regret, like being drunk for 12 hours….. Pintpot was someone I was hoping to put into low defense and concussion a few times followed with a Come on Then! I decided to leave Stave out since I was bringing Hemlocke for the low defense blind, and Lucky for his momentous 2 on 2 hits to help win the momentum race against fighty lists. So with that I was ready to serve some Brews and Bruises.

Rd1: Shark Fish vs Tapper Brewers: Pintpot ready to go Smash some Hemlocke and Angel face

Round 1 started 30 minutes later due to the amount of people buying the new Thresher box, this gave me enough time to refill my Gatorade squirt bottle of 7 and 7. Jay was a nice guy who mentioned it being his first tournament and he was playing the dreaded Shark. Did you know Hemlocke works for the fish….. I sure didn’t. I lose the roll and Jay elects to receive. He brings Shark, Tentacles, Angel, Greyscales, Sakana, and Hemlocke…. neat double-blind into my 3 defense team. I draft Tapper, Scum, Spigot, Friday, Hooper, and last pick Pintpot. I had this idea that a couple of his players are 12-10 HP and hitting with a tooled up Smash Face seems pretty good. I kick off with Tapper to set up the, I suppose, now standard Cat Missle. To my surprise Jay first activates Shark and kicks the goal, unfortunately he decides ( forgets?) to neither Run the Length or Legendary and is camped within a jog of Tapper. With his Hemlocke on 2 influence and threatening blind I can’t afford to tool up Tapper so I send him into Shark right away. I leave him on a few boxes. Jay starts positioning models to retrieve the ball and score next turn. I tool up Pintpot, shoot a pass to Tapper to dodge up so I can walk into melee with Angel and Hemlocke, and between Smash Face and 3 attacks I easily take out Hemlocke. Scum accidentally kills shark. Next turn I am able to have Tapper kill Angel, and pass the ball to Friday who scores a later goal. Jay takes the goal shot next round to make the score 10-8 my favor but a 6 influence Tapper is enough to take out 7 boxes of Hemlocke. We talked a bit and discussed how different that game is if he legendaries and runs the length or even activates Shark later in the turn.


Round 2: Thresher Farmers vs Ester Brewers: So instead of remembering to take a photo I was just refueling with my Gatorade squeeze bottle, hydration is an important step in competing in long tournaments. So I get a chance to play the new boogeyman. I lose the roll and Korey elects to receive. He drafts Thresher, Peck, Millstone, Tater, Jackstraw, harrow. I go with my usual Farmer 6 of Esters, scum, spigot, stoker, hemlocke, pintpot. I make a few mistakes from a rulebook understanding and Korey capitalizes on them. He posistions Thresher and Millstone base to base giving me the opportunity to Fire blast both. I kick with Esters, and he retrieves the ball. Esters gets tooled up and goes to drop her AOEs. I’m measuring it out and if I can fire and rough ground Thresher that puts his threat from 13″ to 9″ minus spending momentum. I make the mistake of rolling fire on Thresher first which lets Millstone take it, I thought AOEs triggered at the same time and who you rolled first was irrelevant but apparently I choose who to resolve first so it let Millstone eat the fire. Oh well, Thresher goes and sets Esters up for the next turn kill. He has a pretty good command of the board, and I’m only able to play reactively for the first few turns. I score a snap back goal and take out on thresher after he’s done his damage. Then have a finally goal shot I make to bring the game to 10-10 but he has a few easy activations on taking out Spigot in response. I think my six are still playable into Thresher but how I play that game is going to have to change, and denying Thresher turn 1 is going to be the name of the game.


Round 3: Smoke Alchemists vs Tapper Brewers: Let me tell you how good whiskey is, and let me tell you how good playing Brewers while drunk on whiskey is. It is so good that I again forget to take a picture for this round, but I also forget this game completely…… The advantage of taking a 5 minute walk to refuel is having its effects here now…. The score of this game ends up being 12-9 and I can only speculate it went how most Alchemist games go if I win. I either got onto Katalyst early to win initiative or was able to close the gap fast enough that I had minimal damage and just outlast him in the fight.  Sorry Dillon, whiskey is just too delicious.


Hooper strips the Ball from Mother, passes to Esters for the 4 dice snapshot GOALLLL!

Round 4: Balista Engineers vs Ester Brewers: I’m getting into the right whiskey drunk now feeling good about my rebound win and looking to continue. Jeff(rey) drafts Balista, Mother, Ratchet, Hoist, Velocity, and Colossus. I respond with Esters, Scum, Hemlocke, Stoker, Pintpot, and Hooper.  I can’t remember who is kicking off here. He punishes me for activating Hemlocke early and drops 4 blasted earths on her taking following blinds out of the game. I am able to bully Colossus for momentum and Ester shows why she is one bad lady one rounding him from previous range damage. With his big beater gone Stoker and Pintpot terrorize the middle of the pitch taking out Balista and Ratchet. He gets a Velocity goal which I can’t stop. I am ignoring the ball because I believe I can get another take out before he scores another goal threatening a snap back goal to win the game. Ester takes Colossus out again. Mother grabs the ball and sits within cover. I go to activate Hooper to try to knockdown and scatter the ball, but I get a more brilliant plan of tackling the ball, pushing for the momentum to bonus time, and passing to Esters for a snapshot. Hooper performs brilliantly and I get the double 4’s to end the game 12-6. Following my opponent saying “I can’t even beat the drunk playing the drunks!” That made me smile.


Fillet had her way :/

Round 5: Fillet Butchers versus Ester Brewers: I feel pretty good playing into Butchers as Dan plays them the most and we have played quite a few games of them. Unfortunately for me Dan hasn’t figured out Fillet yet so I am not used to a good Fillet player. This game boiled down to a couple of things Stoker not hitting his double push on my counter attack to stop Fillet, and Ryan masterfully snowballing from that into a dominating performance. This was the only game of the LCQ that I felt I did not have a shot at winning. I don’t think I could have done much differently as Ryan took a huge gamble putting a full stack Fillet into Stoker who has an 87% of double pushing.

Tapper sneaks by the Robot for the Tap in Goal

Round 6: Midas Alchemist vs Tapper Brewers: We are informed at this point that a few 4-2 players can advance to the US Champs tomorrow so I get my whiskey on hoping to qualify. I lose the roll and Nick chooses to receive. He drafts, Midas, Flask, Vitriol, Katalyst 1, Calculus, and Decimate. I draft Tapper, Scum, Pintpot, Spigot1, Hooper, Stoker. I lose the roll and kick with Tapper. I have a successful Cat Missle and Tapper bullies Katalyst to win initiative. Tapper finishes off Katalyst and knocks down Midas. Calculus fails to blind Pintpot who gets tooled up later and takes her out.. This game goes to steamroll into my favor and ends with Tapper taking a parting blow to tap in the goal for the win 12-6. Nick had a few bad dice rolls happen that really  snowballed it for me and with Katalyst taken out early he didn’t have enough punch to deal with two tough hide models. We talked a bit about this matchup and how he feels it is an auto loss to drop Smoke into a line up of Esters, Stoker, and Hemlocke. I told him I’m not looking to play Esters into a double unpredictable movement captain tho so it might open up some flex knowing Tapper is most likely coming down to avoid chicken situations.

With that I was 4-2 and potential to qualify, unfortunately for me my strength  of schedule wasn’t good enough and landed me 25th place. No worries tho, Steamcon USA was a blast, though my only complaint was a lack of structured painting competition. You guys have some good models give people more chances to show them off. I never ended up playing Lucky ( or remembering if I did), Pintpot was amazing every game I played him, the concussion threat or coming into 10-14 hp models and dealing 2 damage and bleed put a lot of pressure on my opponent and gave me favorable activations.  On a final note, the nostalgia bug has bitten me hard and I will be swapping to play Blacksmiths in the near future, so look for some content on them.

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