Statistical Analysis of Guildball: Season 3 updates – The Farmers

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  1. Roxas says:

    Nice write up, even we have very different views on some models 🙂 – e.g. Grange Windle and Jackstraw 😉

  2. Drew says:

    I think Thresher’s heel will be his 3/5 influence. for a captain to only bring three is rough. I know that Farmers can take off harvest markers too, but you need those markers for other models and ideally I think Thresher wants to go early rather than late. Speaking from a Morts player I would chomp at the bit to Puppet master him away from any harvest markers and then Crazy Cosset Missile him. While Grange is 26 health (given one less def) but still harder to kill just based on the health. I’d probably go Grange in a stall game, while Thresher would be against goal scoring teams. I’m curious to see how they play though. I have yet to get Farmers but am intrigued by a lot of their play.

  3. Josh says:

    You talk about the Farmer’s Defense being higher than average… but it isn’t… right? They are 3.5 average, while Game Average is 3.59?… Because it certainly seems like Farmers have low Defense, very low Armor, but high HP and a lot of 2″ range…

  4. JD Haigler says:

    You are correct actually. Yeah their def is lower than average. Not by much. Ill correct that when I get a chance.

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