Squad Building in X-wing Miniatures Part 2 of 4

So now that we have our Faction Selected it’s time to go into picking ships for our list.  A lot of people categorize ships differently. I know one of the more common is: Arc Dodgers, Turrets, Jousters. Early in the game I could even see those as being legitimate options. However, with all the new ships, the different upgrades, I don’t see this as applying as it used to. So I have my own set I’m going to use.

Fighters:  Usually faster small based ships who’s goal is to shoot and either not be shot at or minimize incoming fire with high maneuverability. Dials tend to favor fast speeds and lots of green colored maneuvers

Escorts: Typically, small based ships with decent all around stats.  Most are able to take some fire while returning it. They are much more likely to survive an engagement 1v1. Not great at avoiding attacks but also not as poor as command ship or bomber. A very general and capable fighter that doesn’t have enough upgrade capabilities  to fit into another role. Dials tend to be pretty basic, some slower greens but also lacking the ability to turn sharply without stress.

Bombers: Don’t let the name fool you. Bombers are not just bomb carrying ships. Ships in this category tend to be higher health, and usually have some type of ordinance, cannons, or turrets, upping their potential. Slow and not very agile by the standards of their counterparts. They lack both in their dial and their agility stats.

Command: Command ships are primarily crew carrying or support ships in general. They may have capabilities which make them effective in another role, but first and fore most is to support or command for the other ships in your list. Dials here can be pretty simple and straight forward some can even just stop for a turn.

Generalist: Ships that have a bit of everything going on but not really mastering any of it. They can be outfitted to fit a role and do it well but by themselves are not overly impressive.


The Ships:

Back to our Factions and where the ships fall. I will not do a ship by ship synopsis. I will take care to break out the categories. You will start to see the trends of each faction. If you feel a ship should be appearing in multiple categories it’s because they can be be adjusted to a specific role with certain upgrades.


Fighters:  TIE Fighter, TIE Intercepter, TIE Advanced Prototype, TIE Phantom, TIE Striker,

Escorts: TIE Defender, TIE Aggressor, TIE Advanced,

Bombers: TIE Bomber, TIE Punisher, Alpha Class Star-wing

Command: Lambda Class Shuttle, Decimator, Tie Bomber (Shuttle Variant)

Generalist: Firespray -31


Fighters:  A-wing, E-Wing, TIE Fighter

Escorts:  X-wing, Z-95, YT-1300 YT-2400 Auzituk Gunship, ARC-170

Bombers: Y-Wing, B-wing

Command: HWK-290, VXC-100, U-wing, Sheathipede Shuttle, Attack Shuttle,

Generalist: K-Wing, Scurrg bomber,

Scum and Villainy

Fighters:  M3-A Interceptor, Protectorate Starfighter, Star Viper

Escorts: Aggressor, G-1A Starfighter, Jumpmaster 5000, Kihrazx Fighter, Z-95 M12-L Kimoglia Fighter

Bombers: QuadJumper, Y-wing,

Command: HWK-290, YV-666

Generalist: Firespray -31, Lancer-Class Pursuit Craft, Scurrg Bomber


Fighters: TIE Fighter (F/O), TIE Special Forces, TIE Silencer

Command: Upsilon Class Shuttle


Escorts:  X-wing T-70

Bombers: Resistance Bomber

So I again want to encourage you to look over the list for your faction of your choosing. Think about where ships fall and what you might be looking to build into. Next time I’ll start to actually pick out the ships, the pilots, the upgrades and delve into the final part of list building. All that will be left is to work on putting it all together and getting ready for it to be put onto a mat.

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