Squad Building in X-wing Miniatures Part 4 of 4

So we now have the list lets look at how we need to be using it to the best of it’s abilities. I’m going to review how to use Maarek Stele, Major Vynder, and the Sienar Specialist. This shouldn’t be long but with enough information to be able to take it out and be confident in how you are using it.

So here is the list again to review:

Maarek Stele – TIE Defender – (35)

  • Juke (2)
  • TIE X-7 Title (-2)
  • Twin Ion Engine MKII (1)

Major Vynder – Alpha-Class Star Wing (26)

  • XG-1 Assault Configuration (1)
  • Flechette Cannon (2)
  • Mangler Cannon (4)
  • Advanced Slam (2)

Sienar Specialist – TIE Aggressor (17)

    • Twin Laser Turret (6)
    • Light Weight Frame (2)


So board setup is going to be simple. Maarek needs to be near the middle most likely to allow him to turn left or right and get after ships or draw them to Vynder, where he can make use of the Mangler Cannon. Vynder can be right or Left side as a flanker with the Sienar Specialist to the opposite side of Maarek. If you are following along and going to try this list, whatever you do you cannot fly them together in a formation.

Starting is going to be simple Strait 2 or 3 and slow roll. It’s easy to want to be aggressive with Maarek and Vynder. Best thing to do is to see which ship your opponent wants to go after. You have 3 major threats so let them show you who they want vs giving them one or two. If they fear the TLT and go after Sienar Specialist. Vynder can come across the board hard using his SLAM Action. While Maarek turns in to help “Escort” the Aggressor and provide help.

Should opponents go after Maarek the Specialist and Vynder can both pinch and create a lane for Maarek to turn around through. If so you may have a good chance to get a ship or two with minimal damage to your ships. If they choose Vynder, you can do a few different things. Vynder can slam past them and force opponents to turn into Maarek and the Sienar Specialist.

Now a few key things to remember about this list. If Maarek has shields and can take a hit with minimal damage just take it, and keep the  Evade Token. That token can then be used for Juke creating an opportunity to push through more of your own damage. Don’t forget about Maarek’s pilot skill if you push through a Critical Hit.

Vynder has two cannons. It’s okay to use the Flechette instead of the Mangler for nothing but the Stress alone.  The Stress will limit your opponents next movements or even add to stress they already have meaning no actions the following turn. This has a two pronged effect. The Stress allows Maarek to get behind a target with a 4K in many cases as many ships get predictable when trying to get rid of stress. It also can set up Vynder’s next shot with the Mangler Cannon.

Firing order between Maarek and Vynder should really see Vynder firing at the target first. Opponents then have hard choices. Use any tokens they need against his attack or save it for Maarek who will likely Juke them. You can use it in reverse if you need to make shots easier. Basically, if an opponent has shields Vynder Shoots first. If they do not have shields use your best judgement. Try to keep Vynder shooting first as practice unless you are trying to push Stress through and are worried about tokens being used to protect against that happening.

Now lets find some matches. Put the list on the table. Fly and see just how well our list building did. Don’t expect the list to be a world beating, meta breaking list. However, it should be a solid if not very capable list for most any casual or semi competitive environment. I’ll dub this list Video Gamer. As both Maarek Stele and the Star Wing are right out of the X-wing computer games of the 90’s.  If there are questions about list building or even your own list. Please feel free to comment or e-mail me and perhaps I can do a write up/break down of your list.

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  1. Paul Cole says:

    Also if you happen to take the list for a spin let me know how it works for you. Would enjoy hearing some reports back on it.

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