When the Sky Falls Down: AD Troop Guide

Pride of Rodina

Kyle Randolph's the name and Infinity's the game! I've been playing wargames since 2006 and I've been playing Infinity since 2013. I started with Ariadna, only using Kazaks, but now I've expanded my collection to include more than 8 different armies. Find my complete bio in the "About the Authors" section as well as a link to my personal blog, all about Infinity, for a double whammy of awesome!

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  1. SEMC says:

    Is Infinity basically dead? I keep coming across blogs, sites, forums, etc, where its really active through 2016, hits about March 2017, and all the articles just stop. All the of the blogs and forums I used to go to before I left on deployment are practically dead.

    • midwestwargaming says:

      I can’t speak for other blogs but for MWWG the Infinity content has slowed down not because the game is dwindling but just that Kyle is focusing on his academic life right now.

  2. Ariwch says:

    >>If the dispersed element is a troop, such as one using certain Deployment Special Skills (AD: Combat Jump, Impersonation…), and the Dispersion places the troop outside of the game table, or in any location where it cannot be placed, or within the opponent’s Deployment Zone, then the figure is placed anywhere within the limits of its owner’s Deployment Zone in contact with one of the borders of the game table.

    So it’s quite OK for any level of AD – since they are troopers, not equipment like Netrods, they cannot aver disperse out of table.

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