The Renegade Open, Nov. 18th-20th

Last month, a lot of people helped me promote Muse on Minis Wargaming Con so I wrote a piece about generosity among wargamers. Well, funny thing happened to me recently, I was approached by Paul Jacob Huck, one of the founders of The Renegade Open, and he asked if I’d be willing to do a shout-out for his convention. I told him I would be happy to help. This shout out is my chance to pay and it forward and your chance to discover an amazing Midwest convention.

The Renegade Open Grand Tournament is a weekend of miniature wargaming for Warhammer 40K, Warmachine and Hordes, X-Wing, Star Wars: Armada, Malifaux and Infinity. It is held Nov. 18th – 20th, 2016 at the Fantasy Flight Games Center in Roseville, MN.

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The Mecca of US Game Stores










SATURDAY & SUNDAY– November 19th – November 20th. 
Pre-Reg Price: $55.00
Registration Price: $65.00
Start time: 8am Sat | 9am Sun

The Renegade Open GT is a 1650 point two day tournament using the International Tournament Circuit (ITC) FAQ with missions and a format of our very own. The first three games will determine a championship bracket tournament on Sunday. But don’t worry! If you didn’t make the cut, everyone is divided into pods. If you win your pod on Sunday, you have a chance to win prizes and glory of your very own!


SATURDAY – November 19th
– Start time 8:00 AM

Tournament info pending 07/29/2016

Competitive event will be Mk III, 75pt Steamroller 2016.  32 Player Cap. Painting required. Casual event will be Mk III, 75pt Steamroller 2016. No painted requirement (unlike normal hardcore).



FRIDAY – November 18th
– Start time 6:00 pm

100pt dog fight.

Standard FFG rules.

Registration capped at 30 people.

There will be a 15 minute break between rounds. Additional rounds will be determined based on number of participants.


SUNDAY – November 20th
– Start Time 8:00 AM

                                                             4 rounds, 300 point + 12XP Spec Ops.

Missions cannot be determined until ITS 2017 starts in August, but plan for “Joint Operations”. All of the usual ITS rules apply: courtesy lists, 2 list format, lists must be printed using Army 6.

*Due to high interest, space has initially sold out and additional space will be provided up to 32 players. Sign up quick to ensure a spot*


FRIDAY– November 18th
– Start Time 5:00 PM

50 Soul Stones

3 rounds, 2016 Gaining Grounds


Models must be painted, including summons, more to come. More details here


FRIDAY– November 18th
– Start Time 4:00 PM


Standard FFG Aramada rules

150 minute tournament rounds

400 points

Event is limited to 24 participants, but we may expand depending on interest. Please make sure to register early and lock in a spot!

After looking at the event schedule, and being genuinely impressed by thier website, I had a chance to ask Paul some more questions about The Renegade Open:

– You said this is the Renegade Open’s 4th year, how did it all start?

Yes, this is our 4th year. We started as a bunch of friends that wanted to start a Warhammer 40k GT “because why not.” We began planning during the summer of 2011, working out our support network (email, website, bank account, PayPal, etc.), our FAQ, and a game plan for community involvement. We knew that right away, we needed to get the local game store behind us, and we succeeded. Our local stores provide game tables, terrain, and prize support, and we provide a platform for advertising and a voice to the community for their stores. Our first Renegade Open was 11/22 – 11/24/2013 at a local restaurant in Otsego, MN. Immediately, we outgrew that venue

– How much has it grown in those 4 years (games, attendance, sponsors)
We have gone from a 70 player 40k GT and 11 player X-wing event our first year to almost 200 players and six events now. It’s been amazing ride. We are fortunate to have located a fantastic venue at the Fantasy Flight Games Center in Roseville, MN which has allowed us growth over the past three years. Our local game stores are our core pillar support, and have mostly remained the same, as have many of our original sponsors. However, this year we have partnered with KR Multi-case, BSI Adhesives, and Gamemat as new sponsors for our players.

We are nearly full with our events for this year, and depending on their success, we will be exploring moving to an even larger venue to include more events of our current game systems, and adding more games to our current list. We need to grow to succeed, otherwise we become stagnant.

– I see a painting requirement for 40k. Is this painting requirement in effect for the other games (War Machine, Infinity, Malifaux?)

We prefer that your miniatures be painted for all events, as painted miniatures only enhance the gaming experience. However, only a few events require 100% based and painted armies. Warhammer 40k and Malifaux will require a fully based and painted force, but Infinity and Warmachine are more lax in that regard. X-wing and Armada are already pre-painted, and thus are exempt from this.

– Just to clarify, attendees pay for admission and then there’s event fees for what they sign up for, correct?

No, each event has its own cost, which can be paid for with PayPal. For example, if a player wished to play in X-wing on Friday ($15), Warmachine on Saturday ($10), and Infinity on Sunday ($20), then the cost would be $45 total. There is no admission cost, and the public is encouraged to come and watch, so long as they do not interfere with our player’s games.
– Your cash prizes look pretty awesome for the 40k event. Is that normal for a GT?

They are! Most GT’s or tournaments will offer physical prize support, but we offer $1000 in cash to our Top 8 players for 40k. While this is not the norm for a GT, it’s not unheard of. We wanted to be one of the first major events to do.

– What type of prizes are there for non 40k events?

All prize support will be up to our individual Tournament Organizers (TO’s), and will be up to them. Our other events (War Machine/Hordes. Infinity, Malifaux, Star Wars: X-wing, and Star Wars: Armada) all have 100% of their entry fee to go towards prize support, so I anticipate it to be epic! Cash, product, models, all will be available. I do know that KR Multi-case will be providing prize support to all events, which is awesome.

– Your last year’s army raffle for toys for tots looks awesome. Did anyone donate an army for that this year?

Yes, I will. I have an army that I will be donating for our Charity Raffle drawing for Warhammer 40k. However, for now, it will remain a SECRET. But, it will be professionally painted, I can say that.

Paul answered all my questions and left me feeling really excited for November. Conventions are the best weekends of wargaming any of us can experience. It’s a chance to drop dice, meet new people, share ideas and strategies and compete for sweet swag and bragging rights. But not all conventions are equal, some are expensive and cramped and others are small and lackluster. After interviewing Paul, I’m convinced The Renegade Open is a convention worth marking down in your calendar.

  • Cheap events
  • Amazing venue at the FFG Games Center (that serves food and drinks on site)
  • Outstanding prize support
  • Four-year track record of success

Best of all, it’s in November, which doesn’t conflict with any other Midwestern Wargaming convention.

Where can you register? All registration is done online here

And if you still have questions? Check out the event FAQ page  or please e-mail them at

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