Radical Inquisitor #1

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  1. RKA says:

    Thumbs up for 40k content! I’m just getting back into 40k since 5th edition (I think) picking up deathwatch and definitely trying to work on staying focused on playing them painted. Lots of work to do, excited to hear about the progress on your nids. My vote is for hive fleet Behemoth because they killed the most Ultrasmurfs!

  2. Alpharion says:

    Oh man that list of nids sent me into a minor panic attack! That is a hefty list and I truly wish you the best with it (also a nid player so I know the struggle). Personally I’ve been using Jormungander to get the +1 to armor saves. Throw in some venomthropes and you have a hard to hit and hard to wound army. Currently the meta here is shifting to psyker heavy armies so I’m leaning towards Kronos. The reroll 1’s in shooting if you haven’t moved will be great for things like Biovores, Tyrannofexs, and Exocrines. The psychic denial they bring to the table is fantastic. The strategem that forces them to try to cast on only one dice essentially nullifies anything that has a casting value of 6 or higher. Kronos also looks easy to paint so that’s a plus with that many models.

    • Casey Shelangoski says:

      paint scheme won’t dictate what hive fleet rules I use. I’m just trying to figure out what’s the prettiest nids

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