Radical Inquisitor #1

Something were all guilty of as hobbyists is setting lofty hobby goals, and failing to achieve them. Whether the goals themselves are too lofty, lack of motivation, or lack of time, I often find myself falling short of what I want to achieve. I often find myself unable to focus on a project and at this time have 4 half finished things going  on in my work space. My goal for the new year is to stay more focused with my hobby. I also was looking for a way to engage with a larger hobby community than my local groups.

I had the idea to start a regular article to help me stay accountable and focus on my hobby goals. I also thought it would be neat to let readers ask questions directly, and influence what I write about on a regular basis, thus the Radical Inquisitor was born.

I have been an active war gamer for just over a decade. I have been involved in the hobby aspect for almost 15 years. I play primarily Warhammer 40k. I am also an active Star Wars Armada and X wing player, as well as a Talon for Hawk Wargames Dropfleet and Dropzone Commander. Although those are the games I spend most of my time on, and 40k will be the most common game featured in The Inquisitor, I have played, and own armies for many more games, and am always interested in checking out new games.

I have several articles I want to write for this article, but I dont have limitless ideas. If there is something you as a reader want me to cover, shoot me an email, and Ill do my best to cover that subject.My email is theradicalinquisitor@midwestwargaming.com, or leave a comment on the article. If you have any questions on the games I play or even if its something way off the wall, dont hesitate to get in touch. I love talking hobby.

The big project I want to get done this year is to assemble and paint my Tyranid army. The current models I own are unassemble and unpainted. I have been hoarding (yes hoarding) Tyranid models since early 7th edition. A quick rundown of the models I want to get finished are as follows:

  • 100 Hormagants
  • 100 Termagants
  • 5 Carnifex
  • 3 Hive tryrants
  • 15 Warriors
  • 2 Harpy/Hive Crone
  • 1 Tervigon
  • 1 Tyranafex
  • 3 Venomthropes
  • 3 Zoanthropes
  • 60Gargoyles
  • 1 Malenthrope
  • 1 Dimachaeron
  • 1 Heirophant




Like I said, its a hoard of new plastic. Ive tried to start the army a couple times, but I bought so much, its intimidating and I dont know where to start. This year is different, Im going to knock it out. Im not expecting to get it 100% finished this year, but I want to make serious progress. The heirophant is a huge undertaking on its own, and I know I wont be able to hold off buying new Tyranids all year because I seem to have a problem ( just as the wife).

To avoid getting horribly an awfully burned out, theres a little side project I also want to work on. Word comes through the astropaths of an especially brutal chapter of His holy Adeptus Astartes returning from crusading in the outer void. Theyll be a good change of pace from my 2nd company Salamanders ive been working on since 5th edition.

As well as the hobby progress, Im in the planning stages on how to begin the hobby. I want to cover the basics and pass on some of the tricks Ive learned over the years. Also in the works is an article going over my current toolbox and work space. This weekenda Corellian Conflict Armada campaign kicks off that I will be reporting on as it progresses. Finally sometime soon my local store will be starting a starting Dropfleet/Dropzone Commander escalation campaign I plan on writing on thoroughly.

So my big question for the reader is this: What hive fleet should my Tyranids be? I am currently stuck between Leviathan, Behemoth, and the (new codex) Kronos. Write me an email or leave me a comment what you think. My email is theradicalinquisitor@midwestwargaming.com. Like I said before, any feedback, questions, or article ideas shoot my way, Ill be happy to talk about almost anything!


4 Responses

  1. RKA says:

    Thumbs up for 40k content! I’m just getting back into 40k since 5th edition (I think) picking up deathwatch and definitely trying to work on staying focused on playing them painted. Lots of work to do, excited to hear about the progress on your nids. My vote is for hive fleet Behemoth because they killed the most Ultrasmurfs!

  2. Alpharion says:

    Oh man that list of nids sent me into a minor panic attack! That is a hefty list and I truly wish you the best with it (also a nid player so I know the struggle). Personally I’ve been using Jormungander to get the +1 to armor saves. Throw in some venomthropes and you have a hard to hit and hard to wound army. Currently the meta here is shifting to psyker heavy armies so I’m leaning towards Kronos. The reroll 1’s in shooting if you haven’t moved will be great for things like Biovores, Tyrannofexs, and Exocrines. The psychic denial they bring to the table is fantastic. The strategem that forces them to try to cast on only one dice essentially nullifies anything that has a casting value of 6 or higher. Kronos also looks easy to paint so that’s a plus with that many models.

    • Casey Shelangoski says:

      paint scheme won’t dictate what hive fleet rules I use. I’m just trying to figure out what’s the prettiest nids

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