Protecting Your Lieutenant and Staving Off Assassins

Keeping your Lieutenant alive has been a sacred art in Infinity ever since the dawn of the game. Gunning for the Lieutenant is a great way to cripple your opponent’s force; however, protecting your lieutenant is not always the easiest. There’s a lot of crazy things out there in the world of Infinity, all geared towards eliminating that poor Lt. Don’t become a victim of Lt. assassination, learn how to counter it!

Types of Lieutenants

There are four main types of lieutenant choices:

  • The ‘Coward’
    • The kind of lieutenant who likes to hide in a corner and never poke their head out. Most commonly these are your run of the mill line trooper Lt. options (Line Kazaks, Fusiliers, Ghulams, etc.). Great for a cheap Lt. choice who can also generate a Regular Order to be spent elsewhere. Not so great since your Lt. Order is essentially being wasted.
  • The ‘Tank’
    • Resilient and able to absorb enemy fire. These choices will make it extremely hard for your opponent to assassinate them. They’re definitely more expensive than the coward and well worth the investment, if you definitely don’t want to end up in Loss of Lieutenant. Still probably won’t use your Lt. Order most of them time, but might once and a while. Examples would be the Tankhunter, ORC, Asawira, and Taquel.
  • The ‘Brawler’
    • These are the options who love using that Lt. Order for maximum carnage. Give them a big gun, an extra order a turn, and watch as they tear your opponent apart. Definitely expect this kind of lieutenant to end up ka-poots though, very rarely does an aggressive Lt. survive the entire game. Sometimes you even get a cut on the SWC, too. More than likely, your opponent won’t even have to attempt to take them out, since these Lt. options pretty much hand themselves over. Examples would be Veteran Kazak AP HMG, Tarik Mansuri, ZuYong HMG, and Reverend Superior Kusanagi.
  • The ‘Master Mind’
    • You take these kind of lieutenants for their extra bonuses. They’ll be extremely obvious once fielded, but the benefits can outweigh those risks. Depending on who or what you take, you can get an extra Regular Order to spend per turn, an extra Command Token, additional SWC, or denying your opponent any reserves. You can definitely expect your opponent to gun for them at almost any chance they get. Examples would be Colonel Voronin, Jean D’Arc, Sun Tze, Saladin, and Neema Sataar.

As an aside, you might notice that some of my examples mentioned in the different groups could actually fit into multiple different groups. In fact, that is the case! Some lieutenant options have strengths and weaknesses from a few different groups, so keep that in mind. For example, Tarik Mansuri is a ‘Brawler’ and a ‘Tank’ wrapped up in one package.

Holoprojector Options

Occasionally you might run across a lieutenant option that comes equipped with Holoprojector, allowing them to masquerade as a different troop entirely. Of course, it’s your choice as to what you’ll masquerade as, but keep in mind the advantages and disadvantages of whatever you’re ‘projecting’. Sometimes you might want to hide yourself as the ‘Coward’ and blend in with the rest of your Line Troopers. Other times, you might to hide as the ‘Bruiser’, something big and tough to divert attention away the troop. Just remember, if you have the trooper masquerade as something that costs SWC, don’t go over the limit! For example, don’t have 8 SWC worth of weapons visible on the first turn, your opponent will wise up and realize the tricks you’re trying to pull. If you do project as something that costs SWC, use Hidden Deployment or AD models that cost SWC to hide the amount you when over. If you did bring what would cost 8 SWC worth of models, then have an AD troop that costs 2 SWC off the table.

The types above will apply to the choice of the original holoprojector troop you take and then what you masquerade as. Therefore, you could take the ‘Coward’, but then holoproject as the ‘Bruiser’ and hope your opponent doesn’t call your bluff. Everything else is the same for holoprojector lieutenant options.


Defending the Lieutenant

There are a few tactics you can use to defend your lieutenant:

  • Mines (any type or other deployables) and Minelayers: put those mines guarding your Lt. or routes to them!
  • Plan B: Even if your Lt. doesn’t get to come home, you already have a Plan B. A model with Chain of Command prevents the usual chaos of losing your Lt. (in other words, your force doesn’t enter Loss of Lieutenant), since they will automatically become your Lt. Or, you can use a model with Executive Order to take over when your original Lt.’s in a bind. Do note that Chain of Command works only when the Lt. is dead. Executive Order works when the Lt. is still alive.
  • ARO Pieces: The typical sniper, Missile Launcher, Total Reaction REM, template weapons, etc. standing watch over your Lt. or routes leading to the Lt.
  • Decoy Lieutenants: Think of them as ‘body-doubles’. There are certain Lt. options that are fairly typical, so take the non-lieutenant option and trick your opponent into thinking that’s the actual lieutenant (for example, you take the Tankhunter Lt., but have two regular Line Kazaks hiding for their lives in the back corners). Or, simply take multiples of the same profile as the Lt. and force your opponent to gamble on which is the real one (for example, you take the Line Kazak Lt., you also take two standard rifle Line Kazaks). However, this option won’t always work. If you’re taking a Lt. option from the ‘Master Mind’ category, there’s no point in Decoy lieutenants. Even holoprojector can be used to mask the true identity of your Lt. Which Saladin’s the real one when there are four on the table?
  • Camouflage: While it’s not something every Lt. option, or even faction, has the ability to take, it’s definitely a fantastic way to preserve your Lt. as long as possible.
  • Fireteams: This can be a risky approach to defending your Lt., but it can also work in your favor. Hide your Lt. within a Fireteam and hope the sure firepower and amount of bodies will protect them from any attempts on their life.

  • Suppression Fire: A great way for the Lt. to protect themselves, but not always an option, especially if you’re going second. The best way to do this, is have the Lt. do a Coordinated Suppression Fire Order with a few other troops standing around in the backfield. Works even better when you have Decoy Lieutenants.
  • Buddy System: A simple tactic, but keep someone close to your Lt. and with Line of Sight to them. It can be a decoy or some lone Order Monkey, but another gun to dissuade and attempt to crit a target is always fantastic.

Now that we’ve covered some tips on how to protect your lieutenants, let’s discuss some common threats to your lieutenant:

From the Shadows, They Strike (Ninajas, Oniwabans, or Kitsune)

These jerks are specifically tailored for assassinating targets. Many times, if you take an obvious lieutenant or at least one that’s easily deciphered, your opponent will send literal assassins after them. You won’t see them coming (seriously, Hidden Deployment’s a real pain), so you’ll simply have to prepare. Use mines, Minelayers, Suppression Fire and ARO pieces to cover the advance. Don’t leave your Lt. alone, keep a buddy nearby. Honestly, do anything and everything you can to protect your Lt. Maybe even use a bigger, juicier target to bait out the assassins instead of taking out your Lt.

Another tactic would be to go first, if you get the chance. Then you can use Sensor or Sniffers to ‘sniff’ (ha, pun!) out the assassins before they strike. Also, setup Suppression Fire and mines, as much as possible.

Bob From Accounting

While already previously discussed in-depth here, they are definitely a concern for any lieutenant. Again, use the Buddy System. Suppression Fire, and ARO pieces to help you stay alive. Attempt to Discover the jerk as much as you can before they reach you. Sadly, mines won’t be of much help since Impersonators don’t trigger them. The only time an Impersonator triggers a mine is when they’re revealed within the range of a mine.

TAG Smash!

Also previously discussed here, a rampaging TAG can be a significant threat to any Lt., trying to do their job. Use E/Maulers and anti-armor ARO choices to scare away any TAG who dares attempt an assassination run. Another great tactic is to use the Decoy Lt. option. Bait the TAG into taking out the wrong target and force your opponent to use up Orders on a failed assassination run. Then, when it’s your turn, smash that TAG!

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