Promethium Forge review, MDF terrain

Recently, our 40k group has had an influx of a ton of new members, and we have had a shortage on good terrain, so I took it upon myself to get some MDF terrain to help fill out the tables. I stumbled upon Promethium Forge on etsy, and was immediately intrigued by their Industrial Chem Tank Terrain.

I put in an  order for 30$ worth of chem tanks, and was very impressed by the quality of the kits.  Everything went together incredibly easily and the tolerances were perfect.  The instructions were clear as day. The vertical tanks do need some weight to prevent tipping, but that’s easily solved by filling the can with sand before you close it up.

Once finished, my 30$ filled up most of a 4×4 with an incredible looking industrial site. Add in some Manufactorum terrain and some of the new Industrial terrain GW recently released, and you have an incredible looking table that the omnissiah would be proud of.


My favorite part about these kits however, is that i was able to recycle some of the pop cans from game night and turn them into fantastic terrain!

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