Pride of Rodina’s Guide to GenCon


Howdy everyone!

Many of you might recognize me as the residential Infinity ‘connoisseur’, but this time around I’m here to talk about GenCon and how to get ready for it…

First things first, supplies:

  • Snacks. Oh my, I am not kidding when I say this. Please bring some snacks with you, you’ll need them.
  • Water bottle. You -will- need this unless you want to hunt down a water fountain every time instead (which might be hard when you’re in the middle of a tournament, trust me).
  • Comfortable walking shoes and clothes or a change into, if you’re cosplaying.
  • Cash. Try to refrain some using your card as much as possible to make things easier and to keep your information from being stolen. On top of that, find a good spot to put all of your cash, a wallet, handbag, satchel, backpack pouch, etc. Wherever/whatever’s easy for you to reach, but not too easy for a sneaky thief with quick fingers.
  • Backpack, and a comfortable one, or whatever else you like to carry things in. You will be carrying lots of GenCon booty with you and you don’t want to have to carry around multiple shopping bags.
  • Picture-capable device. You know you’re going to want to take pictures. Just please don’t stand in the middle of hallways to take pictures. I will personally be sure I photobomb your picture (just kidding, I won’t, but I will seriously think about it).
  • Phone charger. Bring your phone charger in your backpack or whatever you decide to bring to hold your stuff in. There are a plethora of sockets everywhere.


Second important thing is to develop a plan. Arrive a day early, get situated, find your hotel, scope out the area next to the convention and convention center, locate bathrooms, etc, but most importantly figure out where your events are ahead of time and figure out what vendors you’d like to visit on day one for all of the freebies, goodies, deals, etc. before the convention starts. There will be about 3050 vendors at GenCon this year, so a little before-hand planning is a wonderful idea. Don’t be afraid to print out a map of the exhibit hall and the convention center to draw routes or circle things of importance.

Third most important thing is to give yourself some free time. Yeah, events are fun and all, but make sure you have some down time to explore everything while you’re at GenCon. There’s a whole lot that goes on besides what’s listed, so go walking around and get some exploration in! You might find a really cool music group that you enjoy and then decide to follow for the rest of the day, or you might find a super slick cosplay of your favorite character. Also there are a stupefying amount of demos going on in the exhibit hall, so, when it’s not crazy-busy, give yourself some time to walk around, check out the  all of the cool games and merchandise. I know I found a whole lot of awesome things I didn’t even know I wanted or that even existed when I just walked around as well as meeting a lot of awesome game developers! Also, you might just need some free time to relax and unwind, so allow yourself some time to sit around, soak in all of the nerdiness around you, and eat a snack.


Lastly, it wouldn’t be an article by Pride of Rodina without Infinity, right, so don’t forget to check out Corvus Belli, the makers of Infinity, with their partners, the ever great and awesome terrain makers of Warsenal at booth 2555. At their booth, you’ll be able to buy all sorts of Infinity products, see some really sweet demo tables (put together and painted by Warsenal themselves) and even talk to the Corvus Belli staff and Warsenal folks about their products and Infinity. Trust me, both groups of people are extremely approachable and in fact love talking to passionate fans. If you bring them something to sign (books, t-shirts, even one account of a bare back), the Corvus Belli folks will be more than happy to autograph it!  WarsenalLogo_medium


One more point, if you’ve never played a game of Infinity and you’re interested, would like a chance to play with some very nicely painted models and terrain, or want to convince your friends to play some Infinity with you, feel free to sign up for the Infinity demo events that will be running in the event hall. I’ll personally be running demos on Saturday from 9-11 and 1-7, so if you’d like to get some demos in by yours truly, make sure you sign up for those times! If not, then do feel free to stop by and say hello or strike up a conversation with me if you see me lurking around.


Hopefully these tips and nuggets of wisdom help you enjoy your con experience even more and I look forward to seeing you there! Just remember, it’s only 15 days away….

Pride of Rodina

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