The Pitch

The Pitch is a Guild Ball podcast hosted by Dan White & Lance Becker from Iowa. We both have a history of wargaming but in the end Guild Ball became our passion. We cover the latest Guild Ball news items and give you a midwestern opinion on players and teams.


Episode 1: Ox is Awesome
Episode 2: Scalpel is no Fillet
Episode 3: Esters is Besters
Episode 4: Tons of news & Theron head-scratching
Episode 5: SteamCon UK, the hype is real

Episode 6: SteamCon US, where dreams come true

Episode 7: Farewell to 2017 and No Chance Lance tournament recap
Episode 8: Blacksmiths captains ranked worst to first

Episode 9: Top 10 Ball Fondlers and Fast Pitch Q&A