Lecture Notes From the Breach: A Malifaux Podcast

Welcome to Lecture Notes From the Breach, a Malifaux Podcast!

Join our hosts Alex (aka TheGreatSerpent) and Joseph (aka Eldmor) as they shepherd new players Derek (aka ErgonomicCat) and Francesc (aka Flynnt) through the ins and outs of Malifaux!  Each episode features our students giving batreps for recent games, focusing on Crew and Scheme selections, followed by advice (and a bit of mocking) from our experienced Lecturers.

Whether you’re starting the game, starting competitive play, or just want to learn about new factions and gameplay (or send emails telling our Lecturers why they’re completely wrong!), we welcome you to the classroom!

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Our first episode is now available!  We discuss games from Derek (playing a Henchman Hardcore match with Candy) and Flynn (a 50ss game with Rasputina), talk about the new Divergent Paths event, and discuss one of the most underutilized but powerful actions in the game – Focusing!

Episode Two covers a tournament report from Alex (with deeply hidden tips on what to do when absolutely nothing from the Fate Deck will help you out). Also included are battle reports on wave one of Divergent Paths from Flynn, Derek, and Joseph.

Episode Three brings a batrep, a discussion which occasionally approaches ‘rant status’ on advice given to new players, and advice on some Masters you should and shouldn’t target if you’re “Building on a Budget”

Episode Four we talk with Flynnt about a game he had with Rasputina against the dreaded Pandora and we have a full breakdown of Gaining Grounds 2016.

Episode Five battle reports from Joseph and Alex! Advice on future purchases for Derek and Flynnt! So many plugs you’ll just have to listen! DON’T STOP ME; I’M NOT MAD, YOU ARE!

Episode Six, Flynnt plays Rasputina against Nicodem, the master summoner of the Resurrectionists! Alex and Derek meet minds and muscles in Toni Ironsides against Pandora! We also discuss the weapons of the Arcanists in Turf War / Extraction.

Episode Seven, Derek plays Rapid Growth against Brewmaster, Flynnt plays Rasputina against Ten Thunders, and we talk about how Neverborn play with Extraction / Turf War.

Episode Eight, Flynnt gets advice on his Black Friday order, Derek buys the rest of Neverborn, and we talk about playing Malifaux with more than two players!

Episode Nine, We talk about the nitty and gritty of the January 2017 Errata and Gaining Grounds 2017. This will be on the final exam!

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Episode Ten, The lecturers discuss theoretical boxes, a new Wyrd miniature game on the horizon, and Gremlin shenanigans.

Episode Eleven, The students are grilled, boiled, and finely marinated over a three round crew assembly pop quiz encounter. Let’s learn together, via stress!

Episode Twelve, The cast takes a trip inside each faction of Malifaux and predicts which models will be the best models for 2017.

Episode Thirteen, We talk about often-fielded theme crews, their strengths, and their weaknesses!

Episode Fourteen, The lecturers, one of whom looks a lot like the grandfather from Up when he shaves, talk about faction strengths and weaknesses. Many bloopers were had.

Episode Fifteen, Our first multi-part episode. We dive deep into the non-crew box models in wave 4.

Episode Sixteen, We talk about non-crew box models from Gremlins, Ten Thunders, Arcanists, and Outcasts in Ripples of Fate. More meat and depth than ever!

Episode Seventeen, We talk about crew and scheme selection in Gaining Grounds!

Episode Eighteen, We talk about a scenario example game and how each of the lecturer’s with their own faction tackle the pre-game.

Episode Nineteen, We take a look at the LogFaux rankings and discuss why certain masters are where they fall, whether they are bringing up the rear or leading the pack.

Episode Twenty, The non-Derek trio talk about preparing for tournaments and meta tricks.

Episode Twenty-One, We talk Mercenaries with Twin Cities Henchman David Pease and Puck of the famous Renegade Open. Buy your tickets for Malifaux events of all types and sizes!

Episode Twenty-Two, This episode was recorded before GenCon, so please forgive any predictions that were proven wrong by facts. We talk scheme combinations and cats.

Episode Twenty-Three, We talk about the Broken Promises additions to Arcanists! New Master Upgrades @ 4:27 and New Models @ 43:14

Episode Twenty-Four, Flynn and Joseph have a GHASTLY talk about the Broken Promises additions to Ressurectionists! New Models @ 2:03 and New Master Upgrades @ 42:59

Episode Twenty-Five, The entire gang reunites after a grueling holiday season to discuss the 2018 Errata and the impacts it entails. Much laughter is had at the expense of bad models.