The Pitch, Ep.7

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  1. Josh says:

    So football dervish… You want to have one momentum in the bank… Pass to Bonesaw, 4″ dodge forward using momentum (still 1 in bank)… then on Bonesaw’s activation, Bonesaw passes successfully and spends momentum, takes 4″ dodge (so 8″ total, still one in the bank), and then spends Football Dervish and 1 momentum (so zero in the bank) to get ball back (now generating a momentum on success), then taking 4″ dodge (for 12″ total with zero momentum in the bank now)..

    the way Dervish if phrased, the model RECEIVING the ball from Bonesaw gives up it’s Teamwork action to pass back.. but Bonesaw can still use Teamwork action… and yes, it is poorly worded… So Bonesaw has the ball and is 12″ up the pitch… But he’s only used 1 Influence.. so he still has an 8″ charge or sprint.. and an 8″ kick.. but he does need to generate 1 momentum at some point unless you started his activation with 2 Momentum in the bank… So 12″ dodges + 8″ sprint + 8″ kick is 28″ threat over 2 activations but 24″ threat on his own activation…

    Or at least that is how I see it.. and that’s I believe how it is still ruled on Forums… My research at this point anyway.. post up if I’m wrong!!! #Ratcatchers

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