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Countercharge, ep. 1

Welcome to episode one of Countercharge, a warmahordes dojo and battle report podcast. For our first episode we Dojo the Old Witch. Here’s the first list we try: Khador – Old Witch v2.0 Drakhuns 75 /...


MK3 Sloan Top of 1 Assassination

As per usual, the internet is saying that the world is ending because Cygnar will be able to perform a caster kill at top of 1!! Yes, ladies and gentleman, Kara Sloan with 9...


Tactics: Toppling a Giant (T.A.G.)

As anyone who’s even remotely interest in Infinity, you’ve definitely seen or gawked at a T.A.G. before. The mere shock of a giant block of pewter with it’s incredible stats, high point costs, awesome...