None Shall Survive Our Ascension! Codex Genestealer Cult Confirmed

Praise the Four Armed Emporer! GW has finally followed up on that Genestealer Cult teaser video posted last week, breaking the silence on the anticipated (but as of today unconfirmed) Genstealer Codex. This is something I have been patiently awaiting since the release of Deathwatch: Overkill. Check out the video below:


Also, looks like the vehicle we will be getting will be similar to the Taurox. Definitely fits with mining theme of the Genestealer Cult has going on, and opens plenty of conversion options. We have been waiting a long time for this to happen, and GW has finally answered!

The biggest take away from this video is that the GSC and Tyranids appear to be Battle Brothers. “They call, and WE will answer!”


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