A New Age of Suffering: My Model Wish List for Drukhari in New Warhammer 40,000

The Drukhari, savagely dubbed “Dark Eldar” by the gorilla-men of The Imperium, have a rich history of skirting the rules of the universe and embracing “you do you” practices. Combat drugs, gladiatorial combat, House of Cards level political backstabbing, venom mixing,  extreme bio-modding, and the intake of constant pain and/or suffering of others barely scratches the surface of their Like columns. Their only issue aside from Slaanesh constantly nipping at their heels is that in 7e 40k some of the models for the army are odd, over costed, or just downright bad. Here’s a list of models I have ‘sues with and my hopes for how they’re fixed in an edition change happening so soon!


The red-headed stepchildren of Troops choices, Wyches immediately start with a bad taste in your mouth since they cost more than Kabalite Warriors. Despite being advertised as melee units, it will be hard getting them there due to their low toughness, armor, and ranged poking. Power From Pain, the Drukhari’s universal army rule, and Combat Drugs, a rule for all of the gladiatorial participants, are your only hopes for them being any tougher and it doesn’t take a heavy investment to be instant killing these frail ladies and ignoring their heroin-chic makeup.

How can they be brought to center stage? Melee already looks like a much better game for the Wyches to play at in 8e but at the end of the day I think they need to cheaper than Kabalite Warriors. Even with keeping their 50/50 save in melee, hits to them always hurt and the morale mechanic will have them flee as soon as a few unlucky lasses eat some bolt pistols to their dome pieces.




These Reaver wanna-be’s have been rejected in their lore in the gladiatorial pits and on the battlefield by no one taking them. Reliance on drugs, no vehicle bump, and average shooting and melee at an increased cost.


A possible fix in my mind would them being faster. They have little on them and basically use jet-skateboards, let them get tricky!







The edgiest of all Drukhari, these guys are the only infiltrators in the faction but can’t take advantage of it. Poor offense doesn’t back up their positioning ability and they’ll be blown back to the shadows they crawled out of.

An adjustment that be odd yet work is making their power blasts of dark energy act like psyking. Both are poorly controlled entropic forces and flavor can explain it away why it happens in the “Psychic Phase” for this no-psykers allowed army.






Enjoys jetboards, poisoned whips, long walks on the beaches, and being a weird semi-Hellion that commands the animals of the pits. They are only taken to boost the very poor Leadership of their animals in the unit and are overshadowed by the sheer amount of attacks and wounds of the bird flocks he can command.

I think these guys need more versatile wargear options so they can be someone leading their animal charge instead of being a cheerleader on a Hot Topic brand grav-copter. They would love access to ranged weapons like Blasters and maybe even something as beefy as a Huskblade for melee!






These klaive-wielding bodyguard elite have the best armor save in the entire army but a game rife with grav, plas, las, and a lot of other names for American Gladiator rejects, they get cut down just as easily as a lowly Kabalite Warrior.

The biggest adjustment needed for Incubi to be good is adjustments to how weapons affect armor. Negating armor that is the entire point of this specific model is as FEELS BAD as it can get.






NOTE: These opinions and views were formed and made before any leaks or store demos. Look forward later for how I think about how these guys got spruced up!

Images are copyright of Games Workshop.


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