My Gaming ADD, aka an (eventual) love letter to the Tie Phantom.

Ergonomic Cat

Father of 3, husband of 1, gamer of all stripes (rarely an author), geek, X-Wing (Imperial and Scum), Warmahorders (and Warmahoarder), reluctant Magic Player.

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  1. mearn4d10 says:

    I wasn’t terribly interested in Scum right off the bat… then I watched a player Guri right up to Poe and WHAM! Right in the kisser! ANd flip and wheel and turn and slam him hard for three turns running while his swarm of Binryae Z’s blocked the crap out of the other Rebel ships.

    It was a thing of beauty. I borrowed some scum form someone and played a few solid games and I was resigned… Yeah, three factions is where I live.

    Ain’t going back. Have you SEEEN that JM5k? DAYM.

    • Ergonomic Cat says:

      I spend 4 turns at Range 1 of a Deci with Guri at 1 HP. It didn’t seem worth it to try to dodge, I just wanted to get another round of fire out of her.

      And another.

      And another.

      And another.

      AND ANOTHER. It was insane. I was literally apologizing to my opponent.

  2. Gordon says:

    Latest viable Whisper list that’s capable of winning a tournament:

    Whisper with ACD/FCS/Agent Kallus/Veteran Instincts
    Omega Leader with Juke and Comms Relay
    Captain Yorr with Emperor Palpatine

    (Yeah, you need the Palpatine and Kallus cards, which means buying the Imperial Raider and the Imperial Assault Carrier if you haven’t already, but at least it makes for a *much* better TIE Advanced…and you get Wampa!)

    • Ergonomic Cat says:

      I don’t have the big ships, so my list for this weekend is:

      Whisper, VI, ACD, Gunner, Sensor Jammer
      Omega Leader with Juke, Comms, Stealth

      • Gordon says:

        Borrow! 🙂

        Your list is good and fun to fly. It used to be more of the archetype back when phantoms could hyper-reposition. Pretty unforgiving, but that’s a variation of the list that won Nationals in 2014, so very capable.

        With the decloak change, I find it hard to fly the phantom without the Emperor now.

        • Ergonomic Cat says:

          I did consider hitting up people to get the right parts, but ultimately I decided that I was better off flying a list that I knew than trying to add in moving parts I wasn’t as familiar with. I have very little experience picking just when to use the Palpmobile, and I feel like I’d spend all game worrying I was doing it wrong. 😉

          • Gordon says:

            Very true! Typically you save Palp dice changes for defense, but there’s still the knowing of where and when to send the shuttle into the fight. I made the Top 4 with my Palp Aces list at a recent Store Championship and in the semi-final match I committed my shuttle too early and lost horribly. And I lost to B-Wings…ugh, I’m so embarrassed!

    • Billy Blanks says:

      Agent Kallus along with Palpatine is very nasty. You’re almost guaranteed to hit with all 4 dice and cloak back up for defense. The only thing that’s kind of worked for me was anticipating where she’ll be after the cloak for a block but that’s a very hard thing to setup.

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