Midwestwargaming is looking for more contributors!

Do you frequently write well-thought out tactical guides on forums but struggle to get views? Are you a mini painter who knows an absurd amount of basing techniques or hobby hacks? Have you thought about making a wargaming podcast but don’t know how? Or are you just someone who plays wargames and has an opinion?

If any of the above describes you then we’d love to invite you to join our community wargaming blog.  Midwestwargaming launched in Janaury of 2016 with the goal of being a soap box for anyone in the Midwest who wanted a personal platform. The benefit of being a multi-author blog over starting your own single-author blog is that we always have new content out each month which keeps our blog traffic up; so even when someone goes on a writing hiatus the blog always getting new content. With this model Midwestwargaming has published over 215 unique articles, launched 4 separate podcasts and reached over 270,000 views.

We are a constant in the wargaming community and we intend to stay that way. If you’re interested in trying your hand at blogging than reach out to us. It doesn’t matter what your favorite wargame is, we want to hear your opinions about that game and we want to promote your content so others read it too.

You can reach out to us numerous ways:

email at midwestwargaming@gmail.com

tweet at @midwestwargamin

or hop in our Discord channel and say hi to everyone


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