Menoth predictions for Mk III


Based on the spoilers we’ve seen so far, four reoccurring themes keep appearing: minimize negative play experience, streamline confusing cards, differentiate units and clearly define every faction’s identity.

I’m going to use these reoccurring themes to predict changes Menoth will undertake in the new version of Warmachine.

Minimize negative play experiences

Menoth is kind of like trolls, both factions are competitive but neither has a whole lot that would be considered a negative player experience for their opponents.

Some might complain “The Avatar is broken! I hate Gaze of Menoth!” While others might say the Choir of Menoth is broken and that their prayers shouldn’t protect warjacks from non-magical ranged attacks. My response is this, grow up babies.


The Choir of Menoth laughing at the heretics’ complaints

The choir has already been nerfed by adjusting the Battle prayer to only affect damage. There’s no need to change any of the other prayers.


Probably too strong

If anything gets nerfed in Menoth it will be Purification (more on that later) and pSevarius. pSeverius in his current form is a huge opportunity cost for Menoth players because he simply outperforms any other buff-based Menoth war caster. Why should anyone ever take pReznik when pSevvy is an option? Also, since Eye of Menoth is the ultimate turd polisher it doesn’t make a lot of sense that he also possesses a knock-out control feat. pSeverius is going to be changed simply because it is a negative play experience to go against a warcaster who can do it all while never once putting himself in harm’s way. The good news is that I think they will let him still keep Eye of Menoth, but they will fix him by replacing his feat with something less powerful.

Ok, so back to Purification…

Clearly define every faction’s identity

PP has made it abundantly clear that every faction should feel unique. Legion is the combined arms Dragon Faction, Cryx is the recursion infantry swarm, but what is Menoth?

I believe the Protectorate of Menoth will be the Combined Arms anti-magic faction with a penchant for fire. Think about it, purify through fire is kind of our schtick and it makes sense to keep that theme going. However, rather than have a plethora of different anti-magic abilities (Hexblast, Purgation, Lamentation, Purification, Hexhammer and Kreoss3’s Feat) I think our anti-magic will be streamlined to one easy-to-understand spell. That spell will be Hexblast.

Sorry fellow conspiracy-theorists, Menoth doesn't need elf tech.

Sorry fellow conspiracy-theorists, Menoth doesn’t need elf tech.

A lot of people saw Spell Breaker and instantly assumed it was the new Purification but that’s not going to happen. The Retribution of Scyra have their own anti-mage theme fluff and it would be confusing if the two factions shared fluff abilities. It’s impossible to clearly define a faction if another faction is copying all of their “defining tech”. Therefore, Menoth’s anti-magic attributes will continue to be primarily showcased by our armories of Blessed weapons but also in one unifying anti-magic spell, Hexblast.

I know, I know, Hexblast isn’t nearly as great as Purification but Purification is a developers nightmare. There are warlocks and warcasters out there (Kaya1, Magnus1, etc.) who are essentially an auto-lose if they face a strong Purification caster; that is a negative play experience. And PP has made it clear that they are trying to avoid those. However, for those of you already eyeing the Harbinger with fear, all is not lost. Her faction defining Feat will essentially be purification. Actually, it will be better then purification and more likely resemble Intercessor Kreoss’s feat.



First you take away purification, then you take away Harbinger’s feat?!

Hold on, this looks bad but it won’t be. Harbinger’s spell list is going to be A LOT better and she is still going to be the only 10 focus war(noun) in the game. Whether she is full of sweet upkeeps like Ignite, Defender’s Ward and Holy Ward or full of offensive spells and revive, I don’t know, but PP will ensure that she is still a force to be reckoned with post-nerf.

Streamline confusing cards

This is where I am most excited as a Protectorate player. I’ve always been overly enthused about Deliverers and Flameguard Cleansers, sadly these models’ CRA abilities are a jumbled mess. A combined ranged attack should be pretty straight-forward; add up each participating model and apply a +1 modifier to attack and damage. However, these two units have a bastardized version of CRA which only applies a +1 modifier on hitting and a “special” rule for damage.

No more confusion! In the new version this nonsense will be gone and Deliverers will have a normal CRA. Also, their AOE’s will be increased from 3″ to 4″. Likewise, the Cleansers will have a normal CRA and their disgraced unit attachment will grant them 10″ sprays so long as he is alive, rather than a once-per-game ability.

Differentiate units


PP enlisted a third party to assist in the Cinerator fix.

Most Menoth players have a moldy shoebox full of Exemplar Cinerators in their basement stacked underneath equally useless video cassette tapes. Well its time to dust off those paperweights because Exemplars are getting a make-over!

The changes to Trollkin Warders and Trollkin Champions is a canary in the coal mine for Exemplars. Cinerators will become the hard-hitting option and Bastions will be the strong defense option. For starters, both these units are going down to five boxes (as with most heavy infantry) but Cinerators are also going to be melee range 1″ instead of .5″. Another change I predict is that Relentless Advance will be swapped out for Battle Driven. Battle Driven does a much better job at defining Cinerators as a hard-hitting option because it brings them to PS 14 blessed weapon masters when damaged. For good measure, let’s throw on Rapid Strike.

But what about Exemplar Bastions?

If Cinerators get buffed then Bastions must get nerfed..

Bastions are going to keep their unique Sanguine Bond ability and reach. Also, unlike Warders, they are going to keep weapon master but those halberds are going down to PS 10. Sorry, this has to be done to differentiate the units. However, to throw Bastions a bone their armor will increase from 16 to 17.

Other predictions:

Idrian Skirmishers will be reduced in price, especially their UA.

Allegiant of the Order of the Fist will get a slight bump in Defense to 16 and will cost only 3 points (effectively making them 1.5 points in Mark II terms).

The Covenant of Menoth will stay EXACTLY the same.

Exemplar Bastion Seneschal (and all jack marshals) will simply be allowed to allocate one focus to each warjack they are marshaling.

Reznik2 is going to be a staple caster for Menoth. PP is all about seeing huge models on the table because they look great on camera. I have no idea HOW they will accomplish this because it will require a complete makeover but I am confident this will happen.


Final thoughts:

I know a lot of these predictions aren’t favorable. However, it’s a lot easier to predict changes for our best and worst models then it is to predict changes for the models that are in the middle of the competitive spectrum like Temple Flamguard or Kreoss2. And ultimately, its the changes that will take place in our large “middle” that will determine how competitive our faction emerges in the new edition. With each new spoiler, keep an open mind and stay positive. The PP faction boards have a reputation for being garbage. As our faction is getting redefined, let’s redefine the PP boards with a calm and quiet demeanor that would make even The High Reclaimer proud.

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