Mayhem’s November 40K Tournament

A couple weekends ago one of my FLGS, Mayhem Comics, had their second 8th Ed 40k tournament. Similar to their first tournament, it was meant to be more casual than competitive so it was set at 100 power level, a max of three detachments, two hour rounds, and no painting requirements. No other limitations were set which concerned me because I figured this openness would lead to some abuse, but since I enjoyed the last one I figured I’d give it a go.

Without a painting requirement my army choices opened up. Right now my only completely painted army is my Chaos Space Marine Word Bearers. Originally built for Horus Heresy they are missing many of the items I want so I don’t feel they are that great in 8th Ed yet. My next option is my Genestealer Cult I just acquired a couple months ago, but since I have only played a couple games with them I passed. This left me with the army I have been piddling with since 2nd Ed – ORKS!

While I have been piddling with them for 20 plus years I will confess (ashamedly so) that it’s not entirely painted yet, and while I have been more productive the last couple years some of it is on hold while I am waiting for my Codex. However, despite my half-hearted painting habits, when it comes to Orks I am a full-blood fanboy. I have always loved the fluff of the Orks and their willingness to fight anyone! To me this makes the perfect army for 40K as even a match against Orks feels right.

Looking over my toys I settled on the following list led by my Big Mek – ‘Golden Gob’:

Spearhead Detachment

Big Mek in Mega-armor (Golden Gob)

Weirdboy (Krazy Runt)

30 Boyz with mixed shootas, sluggas, and big shootas

20 Boyz with shootas and big shootas

10 Grots

10 Tankbustas with 2 squig bombs

1 Nob with Waaagh! Banner

Battlewagon with 3 rokkits and 1 kannon

Battlewagon with 4 big shootas

6 Killer Kans (2 skorchas, 2 rokkits, and 2 big shootas)

Dakkajet (6 supa shootas)


For the competitive people out there you can see this is not an optimal list. I am not (in my opinion) a good player, and really only a casual player the majority of the time. However, I have really been smitten with 8th Ed and a day of gaming (when the wife agrees) is hard to turn down.

On game day I showed up with my mostly painted warband in hand and took stock of the crowd. There were quite few people here (turns out 19), and while a day of beautiful armies is always appreciated the field was mostly partially painted forces like mine. I made my rounds and chatted with some of the people I usually play with at another FLGS – Arkham Games. Since the crowd was larger than expected there was a slight delay as additional tables were set up. Quickly after that the first matches were out and we were off to war!

My first draw was Aaron who was running a Space Wolf list. He was running something that felt right to me and was definitely not over powered. The list had a couple Long Fang packs, some Blood Claws and Grey Hunters with transports, a dread with shield and frost axe, some characters, and a 10 man group of Wolf Guard with jump packs.

After the roll off he got the first turn. His opening salvo turned out to be what I would describe as ‘meh’. He killed a few grots and put like 13 wounds on one of my Battlewagons which I felt was a good start for me. While the Wolf Guard had landed right in front of the main body of my army, and he made his charge into my Kans, they just couldn’t get past my metal. His Wolf Guard had more bark than bite that turn. My Kans answered back roughly and killed several Wolf Guard. Overall, I was pretty stoked with the casualties I took because I am used to losing a bunch of stuff on turn one.

For my turn one I had my Tankbustas jump out the back of their Battlewagon as it retreated from combat, which left the Wolf Guard swinging in the wind. I also sent a couple squigs and a bunch of rokkits out to wreck his dread. Krazy Runt (my Weird Boy) threw my 30 boy blob across the table to deal with a Long Fang pack, but they failed their charge (sad panda). Despite that annoying setback, my 20 boyz and their shoota Battlewagon massacred the Wolf Guard. Overall a good turn I felt.

The next two turns are more hazy. As our armies ground into each other my Orks slowly began getting the upper hand, and as such I began setting up my grab for the objectives. However, as I was wrapping up only my third turn the tournament organizer announced “10 minutes” and I realized I hadn’t paid a lick of attention to time. We scored the game up and while he agreed I would likely win in another couple turns I ended up losing 8-7. A good game but a super disappointing end.

My next draw was Brian and his Eldar. His force was primarily Aspect warriors and I think Wave Serpents. Using a Stratagem he set up a transport with Wraith Guard and a Warlock off table to ‘deep strike’ later. Overall I wasn’t excited to face this force as I saw it could easily out maneuver me, and with the Codex his force had many options that I just don’t have yet with just an Index. That said, my boyz would give it their all to ‘crump dem pointies’!

Never leave home without your Dakkajet

Things looked good when I won first turn. My Dakkajet took out a few Rangers, and while Krazy Runt got my 30 boyz jumped again I failed the charge! (AGAIN) My shooting was abysmal because several Eldar made their  6+ ‘feel no pain’ saves. The Eldar answered back by Dooming my 30 man boyz squad and then shooting them to bloody green bits. My Battlewagons withstood a couple turns of fire, but it just didn’t feel like I was answering back well enough for my losses.

We both paid better attention to time this round. His previous game only went two rounds before time and since mine went three we felt it was worth the effort to play on a timer. In the end we would still only get four rounds in, and while I felt like I was being decimated it turned out to be not as bad as I thought even though it was a loss.

My last match was against Bill and his Chaos Space Marines which are modeled with many non-GW figures and built on a Sisters of Battle core. I have gamed with Bill off and on since probably 3rd edition so it wasn’t unexpected. That said though, it was fully painted and included (in my opinion) many cool figures and ideas.

I again won the first go and launched my Dakkajet at his cultists and my mob moved forward to come to grips with his mostly close combat army. Our forces clashed near the center over the objectives and while the Cult inflicted losses on me, my killing was just faster than his. Overall it was probably my best played game, other than the instance where my Tankbustas jumped to kill his Predator and then I forgot to fire – grrrrr. But, I made more smart plays than dumb plays so this ended up being my first and only win for the day. Winning is nice, but this was my most fun game of the day because I enjoy playing with Bill and hadn’t in quite some time.

Once the matches wrapped up Mayhem handed out the prizes to the winners. I honestly have no idea who won, but I know it was one of the armies built for winning and not just gaming. What I liked at this event (and their prior) is that they also include a raffle prize for painted armies and a general raffle for the participants as well. In this last category I was lucky enough to win $20 in store credit!

In the end it was a good day for me and I think most participants. I heard there were a few bad matches that may have been no fun to play in, but I think most people had a good time. I think my only real critique this time would be to go back to 75 power level as none of my games went five turns, and from what I heard very few others did either. All in all I’d say good job to Mayhem and I look forward to the next event!

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