Master Spotlight: Parker Barrows

Alex Vian

A reformed Warhammer Fantasy player based in the Twin Cities, Alex plays Malifaux, Guild Ball, X-Wing, and Armada. He also is the host of the Malifaux Tactics podcast here at Midwest Wargaming: Lecture Notes from the Breach

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  1. Argail says:

    hello, thanks for the guide it really hepled, i have one question,
    “Doc Mitchell – ….. He’s also a middling option for Parker’s obey attack, as he won’t get auto-killed if he uses his hidden gun and Parker told him to make an attack.”

    How is this possible, isn’t he still taking the action and has LoS with a friendly Parker Barrows?

    • Alex Vian says:

      Yes, he’s still taking the action, and within LOS of Parker, but he’s not taking it during his activation. Therefore, Parker doesn’t shoot him in his drunk face.

  2. Kevin says:

    Any recent models to add to this list? How about Marlena Webster?

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