Malifaux: Year of the Dragon, BBB2

Shadow Emissary, the essence of Ten Thunders.


Hello, everyone! The name is Eldmor and I’ll be posting content related to Malifaux. I’m a Henchman for Wyrd, which means I volunteer my time to help promote them, recruit new players, and organize local events. Full disclosure aside, I’ve been playing since October of 2014 and my primary faction is Arcanists.

For this year, I’m doing what I call “Year of the Dragon”, where I play Ten Thunders for every match that is at least somewhat competitive. I may stray for casual matches, but that’s all in the name of fun.

Last weekend I attended Buckeye Battle for the Breach 2 in Columbus, Ohio at The Guardtower. $10 for three rounds, Gaining Grounds 2016 Strategies/Schemes, and tons of prize support from the store, online retailers, and organizers. I went 1-2 with a differential of -5 for the event, but some of that was my own inexperience with the new schemes and competitive play.

Round 1 I played versus Ressurectionists on the strategy Interference and I chose Exhaust Their Forces and Show of Force.

Seamus and his “Lovelies” out for a murderous stroll.

I took a more elite crew since I was expecting the same from my opponent and I played Lynch. It was a narrow loss on my part, 4-5, but I felt accomplished in that I wasn’t tabled against Seamus and made him work for every point.

Round 2 was against the ringer, playing Guild.

Charles Hoffman and his robotic guard.

The strategy was Squatter’s Rights and I chose Convict Labor and Hunting Party. I chose an Enforcer heavy list with Aionus making a star entrance with Shenlong against Hoffman and his mechanical friends. I won the match 4-0 since I was able to stall the Hoff-ball long enough to kill the Hunters that threatened to eat my labor-drivers.

Round 3 was a complete folly on my part as I chose to play The Crossroads Seven with Hunting Party in the pool, just handing the opponent three points.

Dawn Serpent, a flying force of fire and venom.

The strategy was Headhunter and I chose Mark for Death and Frame for Murder. I lost the match 3-9 against a mercenary heavy Ten Thunders Yan Lo list that utilized Dawn Serpent applying poison and a Performer “expunging” it for tons of damage.

At the end of the day, I walked out with a FAT Mat (carrying case included!) and a Burt Jebsen for prizes; it was a lot of fun with amazing prize support and a smooth operation.

A crazy gremlin and his pepperbox.


Henchman for Wyrd Games, parent company of Malifaux and The Other Side.

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  1. Kevin Becker says:

    Hi Eldmor,

    Your report was a nice read. I was hoping if you might be in the know of where I could find out about Malifaux events in eastern Ohio? I’m in Erie, PA and am lacking access to any good Malifaux support. I wish Buckeye Battles, held in July, would adopt Malifaux in the absence of Warhammer.

    Best Regards,


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