Malifaux: “Welcome to Malifaux!”, The Demo Experience


Henchman for Wyrd Games, parent company of Malifaux and The Other Side.

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  1. Mirko says:

    I am not a Henchmen or shopowner but have been blown away by the Malifaux models, world and gameplay.
    The starter set was my first purchase and can confirm that it is absolutely awesome to show off the game. I used it at the club with a cobblestone mat from and buildings from (You can fing pictures of my table on urbanmatz actually)

    I did 6 Demos in the last month and 5 people have already ordered a crew box.

    With a nice table and the starter box to give some demos, the game practically sells itself.

    • midwestwargaming says:

      IMO, great models and a cool table go a long way. The only other nudge a person needs is a dedicated and friendly proponent of the game willing to teach them the rules.

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