Malifaux: “Welcome to Malifaux!” Must Have Models

In my last article, I talked about the different crew boxes and offered my opinion on which were the best. Crew boxes have a lot of models that add to the theme and synergy of a crew, but each of the factions have a select few models that are considered too good to pass up. Let’s take a look at these must-have-models and why they’re worth the purchase! I’ll be going over models not included in crew boxes, since those have the added value of a master and totem.


Guild Austringer


After using the Austringer, your opponents will curse the mere existence of birds. These avian-training guildsmen can ignore Line of Sight with their bird-based attack and ignore engagements as well. They can also force other models to push and interact, which can get them out of a sticky situation or aggressively take objectives.

Guild Hound

These dogs are cheap and highly efficient at taking objectives. They may need to run in duos if Luna isn’t there to smarten them up, but they are still incredibly quick and can make a fast charge if an enemy is near a scheme marker! Certainly not the most powerful models, but the amount of work you get out of them for their cost is insane.



Commonly referred to as “a 7ss extra totem”, the Doppleganger has an amazing toolkit of utility by letting you cheat on initiative and being able to copy any non-Leader’s attack (that doesn’t name a model) within 8″ of her. Double the utility, or offense, or counter what your opponent brings. She also has a very high Manipulative check so enemies will usually have a hard time hitting her before she reveals for the turn.


Living trees don’t seem intimidating at first, until they trap you in their roots and you realize that they are stupid-hard to get rid of. If they are near cover, they boast an impressive 4″ melee range that can tie up tons of models.




Mechanical Rider

All of the Riders are impressive models, but Arcanists get the Mechanical Rider that gives scheme placement upon attacking and incidental summoning. Like other riders, she is harder to deal damage to as the game goes on and eventually she can give Reactivate to an ally.

December Acolyte

The Acolytes may swear their loyalty to the Cult of December, but any Arcanist crew could find a use for these harpoon-wielding troops. Their standard ranged attack has a wide damage spread, and can automatically slow the enemy and force a discard. They also possess a melee attack that can get them back to ranged and a tactical action that can deny enemy damage-preventing abilities.



The Valedictorian

She slices, she dices, she flies, and she scares everyone regardless of type. Her melee attack deals a great deal of damage at a good distance and comes with options:  it can either deal more damage or herd them together. She can also deny triggers with her Lecture Notes ability for the entire turn on a model and can Flurry for when something just needs three attacks put into it.

Toshiro the Daimyo

Toshiro may be dead, but he still inspires minions around him! He grants buffs to nearby minions, can give them Fast, and summon skeletal troops or mechanical spirit dogs from remains on the battlefield. His melee attack is also decent when he goes on the front line and can help him reposition.




She may be the lieutenant of Von Schill, but any Outcast (or any other faction for some extra coin…) master would be happy to have her along. She has a huge melee zone, is decently tough, and can copy casting actions from nearby models with some restrictions.

Convict Gunslinger

Used to be owned by the man, these pistoleros are ready to fill what you want with holes. They are able to Rapid Fire for 3 shots in one turn, get extra attacks with the right trigger for their already great pistol attack, and are hardy enough to survive a shootout.




Slop Hauler

Gremlins and their Pig buddies are always hungry or hurting, and Slop Haulers can heal them all so long as he’s nearby! He also possesses Reckless like most Gremlins so he can make another action and an attack that lowers defense so enemies become easier to chew and shoot.

Merris LaCroix

Merris is a literal and figurative guardian angel for clusters of green gun-toters. She can prevent blast and pulse damage to allies nearby, fly around quickly, drop scheme markers, and hand out a lot of burning.

 Ten Thunders

Ten Thunders Brother

These hidden soldiers of the Ten Thunders crime family are very versatile and surprisingly tough to put down. Their tactical action gives them many options from extra mobility, to more defense, and even a larger engagement range. They have a decent melee attack and with the right trigger, when an attack misses, they become even harder to hit!

Mr. Tannen

A sneaky and sly man, Tannen is a deceptive model that can make enemy objective placement a nightmare. He can deny enemy scheme marker placement near him, deal small amounts of damage, and make cheating near him cost an extra card. He is also Manipulative, so if he hasn’t activated yet the enemy model will need a Willpower duel for every attack.



Henchman for Wyrd Games, parent company of Malifaux and The Other Side.

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  1. Brian reyes says:

    As a new player I am so very thankful you put this there!

  2. Kevin Becker says:

    Hey Eldmor,

    Are you still doing any Malifaux in the Erie area?


    • Eldmor says:

      I actually live in the opposite end of Ohio, in the Appalachian southeast. The farthest I go for Malifaux has been to Columbus for tournaments.

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