Malifaux Awakens: Third Edition of Malifaux Announced!

So – Google Bots – sorry, the Guild Tattler were right, and the rumors were true: A Third Edition of Malifaux is coming.

I, for one, am very excited! New Models, new Card formats, and what are very clearly some massive developments in the story!

Wyrd is promising that the fundamentals of the game are not changing, though they are getting streamlined in a few ways we know about:

  1. Streamlined Hiring Pools – Hiring pools are going to be limited by keywords, so that crews are Thematic in the ways they work together rather than being connected only by the faction. Hiring outside of the keyword/theme will come at an additional cost (presumptively, a soulstone)
    That’s great for the game, and all, but that’s not all they’re doing – crews will be allowed to hire MASTERS, as well! Pipe dreams of two Master crews will be realized!
  2. Conditions – the game will be down to only 11 conditions, rather than each theme applying its own conditions specific to them to track.  This will be way easier for new players and old players alike to understand what is going on!
  3. Out with the Old – The Story has advanced in a major, major way, across many different masters. But nowhere is it more significant than in the missing Masters  from the Third Edition from Malifaux. Now, the ‘dead’ Masters will still have rules, but are not going to be legal for mainstream Tournament Malifaux games in 3rd Edition. Nicodem, slain by Lady Justice, is no longer available for the Resurrectionists. Ramos has been captured by the Guild, and rots in a prison in Vienna. Lilith has been usurped (or rightfully replaced!) by her sister, Nekima, and slain by the new Nephilim leader. Collodi, too, has disappeared, whereabouts unknown at this time.This is a big blow to the 2nd edition’s top-tier meta. Ramos, Nicodem, and Collodi are among the most powerful Masters in the game, using their summoning to power their teams to victory in all strategies and scheme pools. Lilith, too, was a dynamic and powerful Master for the Neverborn. Their loss opens the door for new Masters to fill the power void – both on table and in the Breach.
  4. In with the New! – New Masters have arrived on the scene, shaping the story and tabletop. Of course, the story marches on and power gathers around new players.The Guild has promoted Dashel, and the Guard Captain will now be available as a Master, apparently calling in Guild Guard to assist him in achieving the Guild’s goals. So, too, have they recruited a Frontier Lawman, the completely new Cornelius Basse, who it seems will be built around putting pressure on your opponent immediately with expanded deployment zones.The Neverborn have attracted a creature from the mountains to their cause, Euripides, who will be able to flip cards from his discard pile, which is obviously wild!The Resurrectionist Albus von Shtook, leader of the Resurrectionists (and ostensibly our boss at Lecture Notes from the Breach, for those keeping track of the real-world implications of our name) has risen to take on Nicodem’s mantle as the Summoner extraordinare for the Resurrectionists, and it seems that his crew will be able to do the summoning near him? Or something else fantastic. The University Transmortis is fighting back!Youko Hamasaki, proprietor of the Qi and Gong brothel, has also ceased to be content to lurk in the shadows. She appears to be focused on controlling your opponent with lures, hand manipulation, activation control, and soulstone stealing. Super appealing for the Blue-White/Control lovers in your meta.

Many of the existing Masters appear to be streamlined into a focused area, as well, better defining what each Crew “does.”

Throughout the various factions, Masters are being streamlined into an identifying area of what they do – ultimately making crew selection and composition even more important to an effective Malifaux player. Obviously, the announcement of the new edition goes into greater detail on where your favorite Masters are going, and I encourage you to look into that, and discuss it with me on Facebook and Twitter, as always! But some important changes have caught my attention:

  1. Hamelin is being rebalanced around his Blight mechanic, which implies by the statement that the Rat Engine is taking a blow.
  2. Zipp – currently one of the best Gremlin Masters – is becoming dual-faction Outcast, which makes sense since he is a Pirate. I’m excited to see what his hyper mobility will bring to the Outcast faction.
  3. Jakob Lynch has left the Neverborn – is there a lore reason, or simply a balance around what he does? Looks like he is trading his ranged shooting for a greater suite of obey mechanics.
  4. Lukas McCabe has been fired by the Guild, and is now exclusively a Ten Thunders model!
  5. Mei Feng’s thematic models will also be able to teleport to scrap markers like she was able to!
  6. Misaki has slain her father and is now the leader of the Ten Thunders, and is no longer an Outcast! She also seems incredibly survivable, since she isn’t on the board until she activates.
  7. Rasputina will chain her spells off of Ice Pillars, rather than Frozen Heart models.
  8. Marcus’ toolbox is rebuilt, and he will pass off upgrades to all roles to adjust the models in his crew as both an Arcanist and a Neverborn Master.
  9. Hoffman has fallen in deeper with the Arcanists, and now will be the one leading their constructs in Ramos’ absence, though he has retained his position with the Guild.
  10. Nekima is a Master, now, having ascended to the leadership of the Nephilim, though her toolbox as a Master seems like it will be quite similar to her toolbox as a Henchman – being a really mobile model which hits like a damn truck.
  11. It’s unclear whether Leveticus is still capable of summoning new Abominations, but it seems his primary trick of being hard to keep dead, hitting like a truck, and being reliant on his ladies to keep this plan rolling is now his primary feature.
  12. Tara, now exclusively an Outcast, now can summon her Void minions, which are going to be able to unbury themselves.

And Dear God, Wyrd, you better have fixed the height/vantage point rules!

Alex Vian

A reformed Warhammer Fantasy player based in the Twin Cities, Alex plays Malifaux, Guild Ball, X-Wing, and Armada. He also is the host of the Malifaux Tactics podcast here at Midwest Wargaming: Lecture Notes from the Breach

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