Magnetizing the Blood Bowl ball!

Hello people,

After a 15 year hiatus by GWs part, Blood Bowl is officially back. In this post, I will not be debating the politics of this game, but instead, I will be talking about the new ball.

Now, the bases for blood bowl are the 32 mm with a hole on them so that you can stick the ball on it! Have you guys tried? Is HARD!! While assembling my orcs team, (note of advice, paint first, assemble after, other details cannot be reached otherwise), I decided to magnetize the ball on it!


I just made a whole on the base and stuck a magnet on it, and then I made a hole on the ball and stuck a magnet on it. After a talk with one of my locals, I decided to cover the magnet on the ball with some tape, it gives you a layer so that the connection is not that strong and is easier to de-attach from the base.

You can see me demoing the works of the magnets here:

2 Responses

  1. E99 says:

    Great idea! How big are the magnets? I measured the diameter of the holes (about 2 mm) but not sure if the 2 mm magnets will fit when covered with glue.

  2. Tomsk says:

    I’d imagine you’d drill it out to the size of the magnet.

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