Longshanks leaders of the Midwest

I can’t speak for every state, but here in Iowa we take The Longshanks rankings pretty seriously. Some people might be turned off by  rankings but for many of us it’s the fuel that sparks our competitive spirit. In Iowa, pretty much every tournament shakes up our rankings and whenever the title of “best player of Iowa” exchanges hands it ignites friendly trash talk and competitive rivalries.

As the Iowa meta grows we’ve built new bonds and new rivalries with those not just in our state but also our neighboring states. Interstate rivalries have a neat side-effect of creating additional goals during tournaments. For example, the goal of any tournament is to win, but with interstate rivals you can also take a lot of satisfaction in beating people who have reputations for being solid players; it’s essentially headhunting. However, headhunting only works if you know whose head is valuable, so without further adieu, here are the Longshanks leaders of the Midwest.

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Also, if I knew more players I’d expand the list but sadly these four are the extent of my knowledge. If you’d like to see your state represented, send an email to midwestwargaming@gmail.com with this info:

  1. your states #1 ranked Longshank’s player,
  2. a strength
  3. a weakness
  4. a signature move




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  1. June 25, 2018

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