Longshanks leaders of the Midwest, part 2

I previously made a segment on the value of Longshanks and the ranking leaders of Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota. You can find part 1 here. That article was easy for me to write because I’ve seen all of those Longshanks leaders at local conventions . For part two, however, I had to do a lot of internet sleuthing because I’ve never met anyone on this list. Thankfully, the Guild Ball community is very friendly and people were willing to help me out when I was calling out for info on the GUBS FB group. So, thank you all who responded and I hope you enjoy reading and learning more about the heavy-hitters from the Midwest.

*Some of these fonts are small so you will likely need to zoom in.*


  • Skyline Chilli, is a regional food item from the eastern Midwest. Unlike normal chilli which uses ground beef, skyline chilli recycles the chicken by-product and leftovers that come from the Ohio Pet Foods factory in Lisbon, Ohio

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