Infinity, Human Sphere Third Edition and What it All Means to You

The times are a-changing in regards to Infinity, folks. If you’ve been playing for a while or if you’re a veteran than you are extremely excited to see what this new book will bring to the table. If you’re a new player than you’re probably a little confused on what’s going on, what it will entail and why it’s so important (here’s the trailer in case you’ve missed it).humansphereN3

First important point to note here is that this book will replace both the current Human Sphere and Campaign Paradiso books which means that it will include ALEPH, Tohaa and all of the sectorial armies; however it won’t include everything. A few units and sectorials are being replaced with news (we’ll get to these details later in this article). It will also be released in a two book format like the main rulebook as well as in a free, downloadable rules PDF like every other book. The most important point to make though is that this expansion will single-handedly change how Infinity is played, so buckle up and get ready for the ride as we break down only the previews of new new stuff so far!

  • Changes in EVO repeaters and addition of new hacking devices.
    • salyut-zonds-evo-repeater-combi-rifleEVO repeaters will become their own hacking devices now which means you can take these remotes in order to allow you to field more remotes (yes, you can now have an entire robot army). They will also unlock some very handy utility programs that haven’t quite been detailed yet, but have been rumored to be very handy for every army, you’ll almost always want to take them.
    • Killer hacking devices are coming and they’ll be the bane of any hackers you have: that’s their sole purpose.
    • Hacking in general will get a bit of an improvement overall as new devices and new programs coming out.
  • Link Teams are changing in their basic functioning and new types are being added.
    • We know that Haris teams will become more common and won’t solely be exclusive to Qapu Khalki anymore (see USARF for proof of that).
    • Core mechanics will change for link teams in general and rumors have been drifting. Sadly I won’t share them here, but go check the forums and ask around. They’ll be more than happy to share.
    • New link team types are coming. Duo and there was a rumored second new one too, but no more details mentioned other than that.
      • Duo is said to link only two models at once and only provide basic movemen
  • New weapons galore and reworks of old ones
    • We know we’ll be seeing vorpal weapons now thanks to the Umbra Samaritan
    • Also the Red Fury will be a new gun that functions as a shock spitfire
  • New equipment and tweaks to old ones
    • Holoprojector Level 3, phew, that’s going to be sweet!
    • Holoprojector will now be getting surprise shot/attack as they unveil their disguises and shed their holoechoes.
    • “Madtraps” and other deployables will be coming down the pipes.
  • New units
    • We’ve been seeing some of the new units already: Hector, USARF, Colonel Voronin, Kanren, Umbra Samaritan, etc.
    • Every faction is expected to get at least two new units (notice that I said factions and not sectorials and that I said ‘at least two’) which will greatly improve how these factions play
      • Each new unit will be assigned to an existing or soon to be released sectorial (in most regards, but we already know of one, Voronin, that this rule doesn’t apply to), so expect to see some new things for your favorite current sectorials.
      • Here’s the current list of sectorials with upcoming units:
        • Bakunin
        • JSA
        • Neoterra
        • Military Orders
        • Morats
        • USARF
        • Onyx
        • Imperial Service
        • Of course, expect to see some more!
    • New unit logos are coming out for old units to help create a more cohesive feel between sectorials…not the biggest news in the world, but it helps.
    • As well as new units, many old units will be getting new loadouts and tweaks across the board to bring them up to par with the improvements that 3rd Edition brought to us
      • Janissaries getting a missile launcher, Brigadas getting a hacker, tweaks to the newly improved Su-Jian, etc.
  • Improvements to Tohaa
    • Tohaa will nearly double in size with the new book compared to the amount of profiles they had in the old 2nd ecb_infinity_tohaa_lowresfinal_by_chesterocampo-d70424wdition Campaign Paradiso book
    • They will also be seeing a lot of new things to keep them unique and the masters of using organisms to fight and defend themselves
      • The new symbiobeasts
      • Rumored symbiobugs that are supposed to function similar to Crazy Koalas
      • Kaeltars and their symbio-friends
    • Get ready to see how a lot of the Tohaa’s equipment changes. Don’t be surprised if Kaeltars and their friends change drastically.
    • Expect to see Tohaa shift drastically in their playstyle
  • Improvements to ALEPH and Steel Phalanx
    • Not too sure what we’ll see for these two, but definitely expect some tweaks for them.
    • Steel Phalanx will have a few new buddies in this book (most of which are already out), but I’m not too sure what else will change for them. We do know that some of their newer stuff (like Scylla) will definitely change in the next book.
  • The removal of two sectorials, but the addition of two new ones
    • Sadly we will see the departure of MRRF/FRRM (the French Ariadna sectorial) and the Shasvastii sectorial for Combined Army. They will be placed on the backburner for the next book in hopes of recreating the sectorials into something even better and more of what Corvus Belli had originally dreamed for them.
      • Don’t worry though, they will still be playable! They just won’t have a prescence in the book, you can still use the units and sectorials as much as you want and in tournaments too.
    • As our dear friends depart the void will be filled by two new ones: USARF, the American sectorial for Ariadan that’s been long awaited for, ready to fight for freedom and Coca-Cola (I jest about the latter part) and the Onyx Force, a Combined Army sectorial that will combine some of it’s EI servants with indoctrinated species (Morats, Shasvastii, Umbra and Sygmaa) to create a deadly preliminary invasion force.USAriadna-Wallpaper-169


Yeah, like I said, there’s going to be a whole lot of changes and this isn’t even all of it, only what we’ve been told or discovered! Hope you saved some money up for those preorders because there will also be an exclusive preorder mini too! Get pumped, get ready and most importantly be prepared for all of the awesome new changes that are coming! Infinity will never be the same and that’s no exaggeration.

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