Infinity: Different Flavors for Different Folks (Faction Overviews)

Pride of Rodina

Kyle Randolph's the name and Infinity's the game! I've been playing wargames since 2006 and I've been playing Infinity since 2013. I started with Ariadna, only using Kazaks, but now I've expanded my collection to include more than 8 different armies. Find my complete bio in the "About the Authors" section as well as a link to my personal blog, all about Infinity, for a double whammy of awesome!

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  1. Elric of Grans says:

    Doctors and Paramedics do very little for Tohaa? With Symbiont Armour getting a +3 bonus to PH with MediKits (cancelling the normal -3 penalty), they are able to make better use of Paramedics than anyone else. There is nothing more annoying that killing the SymbioMate, removing the Symbiont Armour, finally killing the trooper (remember: immune to Shock), then next turn they get back up and into the fight. I face this all the time!

    • Pride of Rodina says:

      Do note that this article is a little outdated since HSN3 has came out now, but I do see your point; however, hear me out:
      With Tohaa as my second faction and playing regularly against Tohaa players, I rarely see any of them (including myself) use Paramedics or Doctors/Engineers (don’t forget they have to be both to help symbiont-toting troops) because it’s really not worth it in Tohaa. Symbiobombs make for far better “paramedics” or “doctors” than the actual troops. Minus the fact, that when those troops lose their symbiont, they’re kind of worthless. ‘Naked’ Tohaa has worse stats, lose some cool gear, etc; all in all, bringing them up is a lose in efficiency, if you ask me. Why waste a couple of orders to gamble on bringing a subpar troop back, when you can focus on keeping fully ‘dressed’ Tohaa alive or wining by taking the objective?
      Maybe it’s just different playstyles and I’m sure it’s effective, but I’ve yet to see it be effective. I’ve played against the 11th best player in the world (now 7th) and he had his list packed with paramedics…they were used for objectives or to bring back his Kameel Lt. The bombs were what he used to heal with and it works far better.

      • Elric of Grans says:

        Thank you for the response!

        To be fair, the *only* Doctor is Doctor/Engineer, so that limitation would only come into play with Spec-Ops characters (which are not common in my experience).

        I do not play Tohaa (Corregidor play), only against them (regularly). In our local meta, Parametics often bring back Symbiont Armour troops like Gao-Rael, Kosuil and Sakiel, as their equipment/weapons (or Engineer profile) are valuable, and they only lost some ARM. I can definitely see where you are coming from now, however. Compared to using a Doctor on, say, a Hac Tao, a Rasail would be a wasted Order.

        • Pride of Rodina says:

          Anytime! I always try to reply to every comment I get. Sometimes I forget or they get lost in a mountain of comments.

          Indeed. Spec-Ops are pretty rare and you usually don’t see -just- a Doctor Spec-Ops in Tohaa because they’re pretty pointless. I do wonder if we’ll ever see a plain doctor option for them though….

          See, I could respect bringing back Gao-Raels or Kosuils with Sakiel paramedics, if they were traveling together, and sometimes Sakiels, but as you pointed out, Rasails really aren’t worth bringing back up in many cases. Quite honestly the only time I really ever try to bring a troop back up is when I play Haqq, so I know I have a good chance and know those orders weren’t wasted. I rarely find it’s worth the investment. Glad you could understand where I’m coming from and my ramblings weren’t too incoherent (probably shouldn’t try replying to comments immediately after I wake up and don’t have my morning coffee, ha ha!).

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