Infinity and Introductions: Toy Soldiers in the Future


First thing’s first- I’m here to write about Infinity. I’ve been playing wargames most of my life, and Infinity is easily my favorite. I have a pretty standard resume- I started playing Warhammer Fantasy in 5th edition (proudly repping High Elves), and later picked up Warhammer 40k in third edition (Blood Angels!). While I took a fairly long hiatus from wargaming in undergrad (a decade plus) I came back to Warhammer Fantasy …. approximately 6 months before “The End Times” began. And then the travesty that was the first edition of “Age of Sigmar” came.

Following my departure from Games Workshop IP, I picked up the Warmachine/Hordes system in late Mk 2, playing both Retribution of Scyrah and Skorne. I played into Mk 3, until the first theme forces starting cropping up. While I loved how tight the rule system of WMH was/is, I never quite clicked with it. In one of my local games store and a number of podcasts, however, I was continually exposed to this strange skirmish game with D20s and something called “AROs.” While I didn’t understand everything, there was some impressive 3D terrain (quite different than the 2D terrain in WMH) and I loved the game’s “black ops” feel. It wasn’t too long before my WMH was being shelved for a Yu Jing starter and I was trying to figure out this wonderful, complicated new game of Infinity.

“Why should I care?”

While I’m sure everyone is fascinated by my wargaming history, we’re half a page in here, and you might be inclined to wonder why I’m writing this. And I’ll level with you-  I’m not a top level tournament player, painter, or anything else at the top end of this hobby. I am, however, always striving to get better, and I hope to document that through this blog.  Specifically, I hope to discuss the trials and travails of a player striving to move from “middle beginner” to the higher echelons of competition.

In that spirit, I hope that this blog will fill a hole in the current blogosphere- here I will talk about the various issues that concerns I deal with in attempting to become a better Infinity player. I intend to explore a variety of topics that will hopefully help other beginning Infinity players overcome their development problems- how to deal with tough ARO pieces, specific deployment strategies, how to resist the urge to pick up yet ANOTHER sectorial- and become a better player. In that vein, I will aim for one or two posts a week, aimed at both developing as a player and possibly battle reports.

Now that we’re introduced…:

I hope that this blog will be beneficial for both reader and writer. While I’m writing about what I think are important development goals for an early Infinity player, I will encourage any reader to reach out with thoughts, comments, or questions. I only play a limited amount of factions/sectorials and can only bring a limited perspective to playing this most fantastic of skirmish wargames. To this point in my Infinity career, I have a limited number of bona fides to my name. I’ve managed to place first or second in several smaller regional tournaments and had some success recently in the Iowa Incident Mk. 5 (a post soon to follow on my prep  strategy and how I felt that worked out for me). I’ve had some experience playing vanilla Yu Jing (prior to the JSA split), Tohaa, JSA (after the split), and the Tunguska Jurisdictional Command. I’ll likely start playing some games with the Aleph Operation Subsection (OSS) soon!

While I’m sure that all of you readers are really enjoying all of this exposition, the real content is yet to come. I look forward to discussing my experiences advancing as an Infinity player and growing as a competitive player. Until next time, keep playing games!

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