My Hopes and Dreams for Retribution, (and a little Wild Speculation)

Hey Guys!!! I’m Commander Nightflier and I’ll be posting content for both warmachine/hordes as well as x-wing. I play three factions in warmahordes, the primary faction I play is Retribution, I also play Cygnar and Legion casually. And by casually, my primary casters in those factions are Stryker1 and Lylyth1, I’m weird I like them. If anyone is curious about myself, feel free to check out my in the authors section.

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Anyway, let’s go on to my Ret hopes, dreams, and wild speculation. This is not a discussion on my thoughts on the spoilers, there’s enough on that. If you want to know my thoughts on pre-measuring, I like it. It makes the game easier to pick up and that’s always a good thing. Back on topic. The format will be caster by caster as well as a few prefaced “modules,” models that will be taken together often.

Let’s get started.

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Griffon corps- 3 Griffon light myrmidons.

I’m expecting this to be about 27-30 points (hopefully less), for a long time people have been wanting a medium base infantry unit in Ret. I think this is going to be better. With the power up rule going to be a thing, having these three guys as a front line will give Ret a solid core in the middle of the board. This is going to be about 5 more points than the standard five man medium base infantry. And the armour might be a little lower than some of the common medium bases but you will have 3x as many boxes. These guys are gonna need some serious commitment to kill off. They also are much, much faster. I think that PP is gonna try to keep the flavor of each model so they are gonna keep pathfinder and their speed boosting abilities. There is also something to be said for having focus, it’s like always having transference up. Lastly, if the Gorgon gets buffed up enough they might be an option for an alternate version in a ranged force.

Battlegroup standard- 1 Phoenix heavy myrmidon, 1 Banshee heavy myrmidon.

This is what I expect most battle groups to look like if Griffons don’t catch on. I can see these two on virtually any caster except for Rahn (who will still be rocking the double Phoenix). The versatility of the two jacks together is fantastic, and I don’t think this will change too much. Two heavies with some of the best melee in faction, both with powerful guns and great utility to boot. They will be the core of many Ret armies.

Dawnguard block- Dawnguard infantry unit, 2 Griffon light yrmidons.

With jack marshals getting a buff, I think that the Dawnguard are gonna get used with jacks like they do in the fluff. You’ll see both lights up front with the Sentinels as they fly down the field, or the Invictors will provide overwatch for the Griffon, and use their melee to clear up the Griffons if the opponent jams.

Ok on to the casters.

Kaelyssa, Night’s Whisper-

First things first, I think mage hunters are gonna lose phantom seeker, (or it gets nerfed down to a mini feat) as well getting arcane assassin nerfed down to blessed. If they don’t get nerfed I would be surprised because having them in Retribution has really hurt the rest of the faction. It’s too hard to give us nice things when this unit has such a powerful ability. However, I don’t think they will completely ditch phantom seeker and arcane assassin (I’ll cover AA in a bit). I think they will throw us phantom hunter as an elite cadre on Kaelyssa. This keeps the theme of the caster and the unit as premier scalpels in the game. I’m also hoping she retains her battlegroup capabilities (her general battlegroup play, including spells and ability). Her battlegroup capabilities have been one of my favorite aspects about the caster. I think she will maintain the witch hunter ability as well as a possibly reworked phantom hunter. In its current state, it’s good, but not broken. I would also like to see it delegated out to a field marshall, something I hope they really retcon on to many factions as it would definitely help bring out battlegroups and individuality within each faction.

I plan to use the griffon corps as well as the battlegroup standard, as well as a Magehunter complement. Depending on how well the jack marshals get buffed, I might put the Griffons on a Dawnguard Scyir. Im also planning on taking a melee unit as I believe a combined arms force will be the best way to go still.

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Adeptis Rahn-

I think that Battle Mages are going to receive a buff. Many people see them as cool flavorful unit that need a little boost to remain competitive. I also think that they may bump up the unit to have a 10 man version, but am not holding my breath. One way I think that they could get a decent buff would be another elite cadre. Elite cadre (House Shyeel): Polarity Shield. This gives all battle mage models in his army a fantastic buff which really encourages you to bring them in his lists.

Just like the Battle Mages, I think Rahn is going to be undergoing some major changes with the new edition. One of the things they said they were gonna do was try and bring out the characters of the models on the tabletop to better match the fluff. Contrary to how he plays on the table, Rahn is not considered the premier assassin of the Retribution army in the fluff. He is however in total control of every battle field he is a part of, capable of truly manipulating the flow of the battle. I think his feat is going to be redesigned to have a more controlling aspect to the game. How they are going to do that I’m not sure. Maybe another movement feat, or perhaps a speed and defense debuff, something that would be truly unique, and very flavorful.

They really could go several different ways with him, either changing the fluff to better represent the model, or changing the model to better represent the fluff. Or they might not change either. For a caster with only subpar control aspects, he has a surprising amount of control when played correctly into a game. He’s a paradox and unfortunately, we really don’t know what it was they were intending when making him. With all that being said, the only thing I know I am going to be taking with him is enough Phoenix’s to cover his WJ points, and some Battle Mages. Also, he has historically been my home for Elara as I really like her as a super solo with him because she is able to have some truly extreme threat-ranges with his feat. Whether or not the feat will change will be another thing I will be keeping my eye on.


Issyria, Sibyl of Dawn-

Here is another caster I really don’t know what they are going to do with. I think they might play more into her prophetess aspect and give her some kind of future telling ability. Maybe a field marshal future sight, or maybe field marshal admonition. Outside of that, I don’t see them changing that much on her. I dont think she is an elite cadre type of caster, as Vyros is the epitome of the Dawnguard, not her. I do expect her to keep blinding light, as that is a very much signature spell of her and fits her well.

As for what I will likely take with her, It’s another case of what will she have. If she doesn’t change much, I won’t either. Imperatus will probably be in there unless I really find myself enjoying eVyros. The Phoenix is also just too good with her to turn down. Some units to taste, Dawnguard of some kind to be sure, this would be a good place for a Dawnguard sentinel block with some Houseguard to watch the other side of the force. Solos to taste, (please don’t nerf assassins too badly…)

vyrosVyros, Incissar of the Dawnguard-

This is one of the biggest “who knows what the hell will happen to this guy” in the faction. Synergy looked good for him on paper but in reality it totally skewed his builds. Being the broke college guy I am, I never personally bought into the griffon spam. I played him with Imperatus, banshee, 2 Griffons, Aspis, Sentinels, Strikeforce and solos to taste. And I liked the list a lot. The only time I played with this list I destroyed a guy playing the Arkadius theme force (the one with shield guard Gorax’s). It was one of the few times I attritioned well with Ret. The other time I played him I played him at Tier 1 with the Strike Force being swapped out with Invictors at a theme tournament (the same tournament I assassinated Xerxis in his Fist of Halaak build with my Issyria non-spam tier). I also failed miserably to a Mortenebra list, being dumb and got Vyros assassinated. The mistake was on me, not Vyros. I actually think a list more balanced like mine is what they were wanting to have him play like in the first place. I think he will lose Synergy and gain a unique spell that encourages and improves jacks with infantry. I also think he will keep Birds Eye, it being a unique ability to him.

I don’t have as much to say about the other mage hunter casters, I think Garryth is going to become the premier assassin with a reworked feat designed for deliverability. And spells to help him scalpel out particular models. I think he will be where Mages Hunters will find their arcane assassin again, through another elite cadre. Ravyn will also get redone, though I’m not sure how. I havent really played Ossyan so I can’t comment on him, and I don’t even own Thyron, though I do plan to soon.

That wraps up my hopes and dreams for the faction, along with some wild speculation just for fun.

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  1. Steven Groom says:

    I’m curious when you say that Jack Marshals will be getting a buff. What is giving you that impression?

    • Elias Thury says:

      Having a warjack attached to a unit rather than a war caster has always been less efficient use of points then putting it in the battle group. However with pp wanting to have more war jacks, they can do this by making jack marshals better at running jacks. Or by giving marshalled Jack’s a discount. Perhaps two pseudo focus and all have good drives that don’t need checks?

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