Guildball Batrep #6 Alchemists (Midas) vs. Morticians (Obulus) ft. Pelage

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  1. Drew says:

    Nice write up! One quick rules clarification. Confidence does not work on kicks. Just attacks and character plays. Also to the Alchs player, play OG Kat with Vitriol. The I’ve been burnt before and Vet kat are a great combo. I’ve tried to like VetKat, but he’s so unreliable and if you don’t get the kills he’s just a big target.

    • Drew says:

      EDIT: sorry OG Kat and I’ve been burnt before is a good combo. Sorry for confusion.

      • JD Haigler says:

        You are correct on Confidence. That sucks. I’m not sure how I missed that but thanks for pointing it out. I don’t think it changes a lot for the game but it’s still good to know because it easily could in the future.

        The problem is that he bought into the Alchemists for Kat2’s sculpt, so he really wants to play it. Vince, from Strictly the Worst, is of the opinion that Kat1 > Kat2 overall, but Kat2 > Kat1 in a Smoke list, which makes sense. I think the main issue is that I have played some Kat2 myself, plus several Furious models and Countercharge and I’m pretty well aware of how he plays. Ghast was in the list for two reasons, neither of which I really planned on giving him more than 1 INF ever for. His Fear is ignored by Kat2, but then Kat2 has to pay 2 INF for the next attack. I can play aggressive with Ghast and throw him front and center as a Crowdout roadblock while at the same time he can do a quick momentous KD pretty easily.

        The other reason was to hold the ball against someone like Vitriol. Needing 3 INF for the charge really hurts the math on retrieving a ball and scoring. The main reason was Kat2 though. I think he hurts Kat2’s threat a lot.

        • Drew says:

          Ghast is usually a good main stay for a battery. He never gets much, but he is a good center blocker and a KD on 2 for a counter is always good. Also, never underestimate I have played Kat 2 even in Smoke lists and not a big fan. I mainly play smoke to score though. Smoke, Vitriol, Kat 1, Naja, Compound and Mercury/I like Crucible. Very scorey and hard to defend all of them. You score with Smoke first, then you can quickly score with Vitriol and then best case scenario Kat 1 can get the ball and set up a snap shot, or Crucible gets it, Does Slip past and a dodge and scores. Ideally you can win by turn three. But everyone plays differently. Morts and Alchs are my top two played guilds, Morts has always been number 1 though.

  2. Dave says:

    How would you build your team given that Mist won’t be playable in Morticians once Ratcatchers have been released?

    • JD Haigler says:

      Going to have to count on Bonesaw. I’m not super excited about it, and I wish he was tac5. Really though, I brought mist to hide the ball and maybe score. Dirge can hide the ball just fine too and I can go all in on killing, and if I need to, drive in a goal with Obulus, Graves1 or Pelage, the last two being 3/6.

      I also want to play more brainpan and memory.

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