Guildball Batrep #2 – Blacksmiths vs. Brewers

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  1. midwestwargaming says:

    I really like that you played with GIC’s. My initial hope was that GIC’s were going to transport Brewers from the bottom of the competitive barrel to be at the top or near top. Sounds like you don’t think GIC’s do enough to boost them, is that correct?

    *Also, really like the two author approach to this, it’s not everyday I get to READ two different viewpoints and voices in the same bat-rep*

    • JD Haigler says:

      The GIC’s help quite a bit I think. The issue is the Brewers still can’t kill faster than almost any team can score goals. You can hide the ball a little bit on Friday or the Cat, but when you get into teams that have strong ways of retrieving said ball, E.G., Blacksmiths or Fishermen, it’s nearly a hard shutout.

  2. Kelsier says:

    This post was interesting, I like to see the thinking process of the two of you. But it’s hard to follow because I don’t know yet what the blacksmith do.

    • JD Haigler says:

      Some of why we do this is to learn what teams do too. This works for you and works for us. Prior to my arrival in this meta, we had Hunters, Butchers, Engineers and Masons on a regular basis. This handicaps both Adam and I, so while I have played a much wider variety of opponents and Guilds, I need to keep it up while Adam wants to start. So between us, we have almost every Guild and while we’re finding out what a Guild plays like we’re batrepping and hopefully the reader can see some too.

      Big things to notice in this one is how much Hearth enables Alloy and Cinder. Ferrite and Iron are both scoring maniacs but it’s the Hearth/Cinder/Alloy trio that retrieve that ball so simply and can either enable to the scoring or do it themselves.

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