A Gravedigger’s Handbook, #3: Presenting Threats and the Tug-of-War of Positioning

Alex Botts

Alex Botts is a tabletop gaming enthusiast who mostly plays Guild Ball (Morticians) and Warmachine/Hordes (Protectorate). He likes miniatures, strategy games, and long campaigns on the beach. He's also Head Editor for Chicago Megagames and would love to talk to you about any of the above!

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  1. Pickles says:

    Good stuff. I would point out that the Morticians have access to 3 players with Furious 😉

    Also Megagames I was at WTS4 at the weekend – an excellent day (except Cthulhu rising)

    • Alex Botts says:

      Ahaha yes you are right. I don’t rate Minx very highly in Morts, but that doesn’t mean I should pretend she doesn’t exist! 😛

      Also, awesome! Glad you enjoyed it. Let me know if you’re ever in Chicago and i’ll keep you posted on the latest megagame events! We’ll also be at Gencon this year if you can make it up

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