GenCon 2016 Infinity Seminar Notes


For those of you who couldn’t make it to GenCon or to the Infinity seminar, but really want the scoop on what’s coming up, this is for you! There is a video uploaded on YouTube that covers that entire thing, but sometimes it can be a wee bit hard to understand between all of the excited screaming, chanting, etc. I wasn’t able to get any pictures myself, but I’m sure you can do a quick Google search to find any of them that I sadly left out.

The time stamps correlate to the approximate time that each section was started, so you can try to follow along with the video (found here) as well as seeing about how long each section was covered for. I did miss about the first 10 minutes do to working some Infinity demos, so please excuse anything I’m lacking.

I also denoted what I think is some really spice stuff with this “*” and all quotes are directly from Carlos (aka Bostria) himself. Enjoy!


CB’s Growth – 11:00

  • They have a lot more space now
  • Told story about new sculptor (I forgot the name and didn’t catch it while I was there)
  • CEO Fernando sits with everyone on the work floor, has no special office
  • Gutier, “show runner” “master mind” = George Lucas (“J.J. Abrams”) of CB. Has his own reclusive office

Look Back at this Year’s Releases – 11:12

  • January until June look back

ITS – 11:14

  • Didn’t want to mess the season up since they knew HSN3 was coming in the middle of the season
  • Wanted to put more useful items in the winner packs, not more “trophies” which is why the ITS 2016 stuff includes more tools and etc.

Flamestrike – 11:15

  • Had surprising results in player turnout and helped give a lot of players more vigor regarding playing
  • “It was awesome”
  • “I hate you guys [Nomads]”
  • Flamestrike will feature in its own section in the next book

*HSN3 – 11:17

  • Everything from this point on will be brand new…lots of exciting things are coming for us
  • 50% Growth since 2014 and each year since then

RPG – 11:18

  • General progress update
    • nothing too new for backers
  • showed some old and new artwork then
    • hopefully the new stuff will be sent to backers soon
  • showed some tiles off too
    • not sure if any new ones were shown or not

Masterclass – 11:25

  • coming later this year
  • explains how to paint factions and do some weathering techniques
  • more pages than last one, but also more advanced
    • part 1 was for beginners

*Warsenal – 11:27

  • showed Taugak
  • showed Studio B
    • then showed new Haqq building with a big enough entrance to house Maggie
  • Yu Jing building coming, might be indicative of a new line

Interplanetary – 11:30

  • “Pinnacle of Infinity”
  • Lots of tough Russian and Polish players (shout out from Carlos to you folks, you guys are impressing CB!!!)
  • Warcrow painting competition trophy was absolutely beautiful

Manga – 11:32

  • showed a few panels
  • will explain the plot and characters at the Interplanetary
  • releases at the end of this year or beginning of next
  • Killer Hacker Druze is in it
    • and a few other recognizable characters

*Ideas – 11:35

  • “shameless market research”
  • 10 total shown
    1. Red Veil expansion box (cool if it has more Ramah stuff)
      • lead to ITS, complete rules
    2. Remote racing game
      • “super Mario Kart” style
      • “Chibi, fun in way”
      • “funny stuff, funny stuff”
    3. Infinity Deathmatch
      • Like Unreal Tournament mixed with Call of Duty and the basic Infinity rules
      • Characters models (heck yeah) and official rules
    4. Dogbowl
      • “shit all over”
        • ???
    5. Aristeia!
      • an obvious idea
      • duel style, unlike deathmatch, 1 vs. 1
    6. Dungeoncrawler
      • no actual explanation given at all, just the project description
    7. Acheron Falls rulebook (do it now)
      • Dire Foes, new sectorials, Paradiso campaign rules
    8. O-12 Army pack
      • like USAriadna one (yes please!)
    9. Operation (insert name): ALEPH vs. Combined
    10. New fantasty wargame
      • “we want it to happen so bad”
      • nothing new, knew about this for a while

*Red Veil – 11:46

  • Haqq side is the official Ramah starter (duh)
  • Dire Foes-6, Defiant Truth
    • add them for 20 points to make each side 200 points (nothing new)
    • showed renders (they looked sweeeet and I’m sure you can find them on the forums or Facebook)
    • Leila is confirmed for HB and QK (yesssss!!!) – “I think” (don’t you tease me like this Carlos!)

*New Stuff

  • PanO
    • Black Friar with MULTIrifle
    • Resculpted Regulars
      • plan to make each one a bit different, not going to look too uniform
    • Sikh Hacker
    • Montesa resculpt
    • Shock starter
      • Regular sapper sniper, Regular spitfire, 2x combi Regulars, Montesa, Sikh hacker
    • Varuna style Orc (so freaking sweet looking, especially the painted orc face)
      • Varuna is next for PanO
    • Kamau resculpts
      • will be a “must” for Varuna, apparently Carlos really likes their current version in the playtesting phase
  • Yu Jing
    • Female Pheasant next month, similar pose to current one
    • O-Yoroi TAG pilot model, not bootleg
      • Guija pilot will be coming later
      • will see more TAG pilots in the future as the next book will allow them to play some part on the table instead of being a liability in regards to hacking
  • Ariadna
    • public release Unknown Ranger with Molotok
    • Mavericks, molotok and rifle
  • Haqqislam
    • Male Tuareg hacker
    • Djanbazan box
      • HMG, Shock Marksman rifle, Hacker, Doctor
  • Nomads
    • Female Bandit hacker
    • Moderators
      • same as regulars, will try to make each one unique and not uniform
    • New Moiras
    • Bakunin paint scheme to change to fit rest of Nomads and to follow the Healers paint scheme, “more whites”
    • Riot Grrl’s box (yessss!)
    • Morlocks, one in the starter
    • Sineaters
    • New Bakunin starter “this” December
      • 2x Moderators
      • MULTIrifle Riot Grrl
      • MULTIrifle Moira
      • HMG Sineater
      • LGL Morlock
    • Box for Moderators after starter
    • Taskmaster, this October
    • New Garudas – will be holding weapons, no longer built in
    • Posthuman Mk. 4 and Mk. 5 box
      • will be males to offset the females of the current box
  • Combined Army
    • Overdron, with tinbots A and D
  • Tohaa
    • Tohaa 300 point box coming later this year, same price as Onyx box, but no new models
      • Starter
      • Makauls
      • Nikoul
      • Kaeltars
      • Spitfire Kotail
    • Female Sukeul
  • Mercs
    • Ashcroft general release
    • Miyamoto was shown (not sure why)
    • Krakot general release (I like this one better than the ITS one)
      • holding two guns
  • Upcoming LE models
    • Angel’s Masterclass 2 book
    • Manga
    • ITS 2017 winner pack

Q&A – 12:20

    • GenCon next year, “total bait to see what people want”-not sure if lying or honest here
    • “Don’t want to spoil it, it will be here soon enough”
    • AKA, huge freaking tease!
  • No more artbooks ( :'( )
  • New RPG models are coming, but will be only a few, not too many more
  • CA HVT = ?
  • Masterclass Vol. 2 will feature multiple models per faction, not just one
    • “No secret colors”
  • No novels are coming, just manga
  • Minuteman and Marauders are coming soon
    • Marauders this year, Minuteman next, and then another blister (obviously UR, unless Carlos wasn’t counting it when he said this)
    • Hoping to have most troop profiles with at least one model by April of next year, except for Blackjacks
      • still no consistent design work done for them
    • after USARF, Caledonia will see resculpts
  • Shasvastii
    • new stuff is coming
    • HSN3 stuff will not be getting resculpts (most of it anyway, this was a bit vague)
    • old troops will be changing their tabletop roles
  • Thinking about next campaign already
  • No Hungries resculpts in the plans for anytime soon
  • Luxumbra
    • busts
    • will startup next year
    • “can not say…nothing” – Angel, he’s being a secretive tease too
    • reveal first products at Interplanetary
  • Rumors were all correct on what’s coming in the next book (if you doubted this, you’re a jerk)
    • Shas, Varuna, Ramah, Kazaks, Tunguska, and Vedic have all been confirmed as coming now
    • However, it’s a long way away from now, still haven’t even gotten to playtesting the ALEPH stuff (sad news)
  • Spec-Ops are in the next book
    • “trying new things”
    • “too early to talk about”
  • New ITS is in the works, trying to keep making it fun and keeping it that way
  • T-shirts are most definitely coming, merchandise is in!

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