Fear the (TIE) Reaper

So the new TIE Reaper, released on Thursday, needs a solid test and review.  So being me, I decided to go big with it. Today is the local Store Championship and I flew the Reaper there. Rather than go over the usual same old same old with play by play I am going to discuss how the Reaper actually flew and was used. Record wise it might look underwhelming just 1-3. Keep in mind first time flying the Reaper and the list overall as a whole against list that were practiced, tried and true.


About the Reaper and the List it flew in

The Reaper with it’s new action and builds creates some interesting options. The Model looks solid, and will look much better on the Medium Base once 2.0 becomes legal. The new Jam Action was seen and will be discussed later. As for the list see below for what it was:

Tie Strikers

Duchess: Light Weight Frame, Adaptive Ailerons, Adrenaline Rush

Pure Sabacc: Light Weight Frame, Adaptive Ailerons, Adrenaline Rush

Count Down: Light Weight Frame, Adaptive Ailerons

Tie Reaper

Scarif Base Pilot: Intelligence Agent, ISB Slicer, Advanced Ailerons, Light Weight Frame

In Action

The Reaper really and uniquely controls engagements even from PS1. The Jam action, something that takes a bit of range control to do effectively. If you can control range with your strikers it’s going to be pretty simple with the Reaper as well. The Jam action itself is quite  a bit more powerful than first thought. The ISB Slicer crew is also a real gem and likely to be stapled to Reapers at lower levels for sure and even higher levels if you are not using the reaper for Palpatine or Death Troopers.

The Jam Action makes decisions for the opponent difficult, especially if they cannot do Focus or Target lock actions without them just being wasted. It was common complaint from opponents of what do I do here. The 4th Match was against an X7 Ryad, Inquisitor, and Advanced Optics and Fire Control Quickdraw. The Reapers Jam kept extra tokens off Ryad allowing the Strikers to swarm and burn Ryad Down. Quickdraw ended up losing both his Focus and Target lock then was Jammed and his choice basically denied again making him an easy target.

The First Match was against a Fenn, Nora, and Red Squadron Vet. a game that was only 40-51. The Reaper lost shields, and never hit again. Was Able to catch Fenn and Nora too close together stressed and Jammed them both causing them to split up in order to keep the strikers from having easy shots on them. Nora would eventually go down and another round and Fenn and possibly the RSV as well.

The Reaper sets up to move and Jam catching both the X-wing and Arc-170


Maneuvering the Reaper

So the Reaper when it is sitting on it’s Peg(s) it’s wing is tall enough to tuck underneath it. So you can quit literally dance around and under the Reaper. It does look silly but, the Reaper is fairly stable on the small base.


Even tucked under the Reaper all ships are on single pegs. No bumping is happening with the ships in their formation.

Strikers flying in formation with the Reaper

I found myself not really using the 0 Maneuver, because of the crew that was in use. I can see it’s use if it was using a different crew. The Advanced Ailerons on the Reaper really do make it keep pace easily with the Strikers. Again if it’s in an attack mode the 1 S-Loops it has will catch an opponent unaware for sure you could see it had I chosen to use them. It’s ability to also just do 1 hard turns without stress was big. So big in fact in my 4th Match up the Reaper ended up parked Range 1 behind Ryad.

Target Priority?

So aside from just Jamming and preventing actions the Reaper was praised for messing with Target Priority. In the Second Match. Wullfwarro, Fenn, and Miranda were changing targets consistently and struggling with what to do and how to do things. A match that ended 21-48 in a loss. The 3rd match my opponent just threw everything at the Reaper and burned it down. It was the only time all day it left the board.

What the Reaper is able to do is help you set your target priority by clearing pathways. Ryad without Tokens or one less token can be much easier to deal with. It also does a lot to prevent modified shots coming in. In 1.0 the Jam token stays so it was actually quite helpful and a bit of a deterrent for opponents.

The one common thing was while it was difficult, no one saw it as a NPE. I personally had a ball flying it didn’t care that I went 1-3 as given 1 more round I’m more likely 3-1. Fear the ship folks it’s name is not a joke. It can be a hammer a controller or just a tank depending on how you use it and load it up for your match.

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