Explosive Brew: Brewers Welcome New Rookies to the Pitch!!!

With one fell swoop SteamForged Games unknowingly adds two new members to our beloved Brewers Guild. If you don’t know what I mean or just live under a rock, I am talking about yesterday’s balance errata (Check it out here!) Now I am not going to go in depth on all the changes, as there are plenty of wonderful podcasts and discussion about it, but I do want to touch base on our new rookies. Now you probably have already seen the changes or took the time to look and come back with a “what are you talking about Mike, they didn’t touch Brewers??” Well friends that is where you are wrong! Lets take a sneak peek at some exclusive rookie cards, collect them now before they are out of print!

First up we have:

Hold on before you hit that X…. hear me out. There is a lot to love about this lug both literally and metaphorically, check out that quad chin! Checking his stat line we see the Brewer requirements; good health pool, tough hide, base 4″ move, TAC higher then his playbook, and plenty of shoving and knocking people to the floor. No longer the confused goal striker delivery system, Avarisse has returned to be a delivery system of pain. With Hit That One!, Avarisse boasts 7 TAC versus a 5 length playbook, putting him at Hooper level wrapping. Thuggery: potentially trades a TAC for +1 DMG on playbook results AND a Knockdown result on successful attacks. That is a momentous 2 damage and knockdown on one success, even Ox is jealous of that playbook. We can’t give all the credit to the big guy, he has his trusty stein, er buddy helping to point out who to pound.

Lets check out his exclusive rookie card:

You have heard the saying “Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.” SteamForged has definitely put Greede on both ends of this spectrum. From goal scoring machine and momentous damage generator, to pointing out enemies and recanting tales to Avarisse about how he hit harder back in his days. It is not all bad for our little maniacal friend, he has learned how to single out pushing Avarisse’s TAC up to 8 or 9. Though don’t expect much more out of him now then a gang up and sweet party tricks at your next local get together.


What does this all mean:

We have a duo now with captain level influence at 5.  With those 5 influence you are looking at potentially 7 momentum generated, 14 damage, and Greede tucked safely back in Avarisse’s embrace. How does this dynamic duo fit into our Brewer lineups? Esters certainly appreciates KD on one hit. With each damage result being momentous, an early activation helps generate the momentum needed to trigger our heroic plays keeping the knockdown snowball rolling. Now that Avarisse is stealing the show, hes going to get targeted a lot more, luckily Tough Skin is just a friendly model requirement,  making him a beefier Tapper. Expect Avarisse to put a serious hurting on anything that gets in his way, that said getting models in his way is going to be a problem. With a 4/7 move, lack of timing after completing a charge to use character plays, and T-Rex 1″ melee you have a paltry 5″ threat to land the duo in their optimum scenario. Luckily we have good old Stave to send models towards us… or a push for Avarisse. In my opinion,  SteamForged Games did an excellent job of remaking the duo to be a reflection of their fluff and expected role, versus one of the best strikers in the game. The biggest problem for me,  is going to be coming up with a Brewer themed conversion to match the rest of the gang.

Good Luck on the Pitch!



*All stat card photos are property of Steamforged Games for their awesome game Guildball*

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